leaky skies & eyes, with a handful of sunshine | february 17


In the first half of February, it was all rain and gloom in Brunei. Rain-filled mornings and windy nights. When the weather went back to normal on the second half of the month, I was the one who became rain and gloom.

But while the skies cried a lot (and I joined in), there were still days and moments that stood out and were made better with maroon shawls, pink umbrellas and technicolor company.

Wednesdays with Wendy @ The Rosie Grammar

Second Wednesday of the month and I had a post up – talking about what beauty means to me, and dedicated to something that I hold close to my heart. But this post went up not here at home on Wendystrucked, but elsewhere – a blog I’ve been reading since it’s first days’ up and (obviously) one of my favourites – The Rosie Grammar.

Being given the opportunity to write as guest blogger on Zahra’s blog was an honour – and loads of fun especially as I got to play around with editing the photos in a way I’ve never done before. You can read the post here!

Covered By AnNisa

Covered by AnNisa has caught my heart and I can’t say it enough. This Bruneian brand is amazing – for their beautiful designs as well as their customer service, but most of all because of their purpose. They prioritize faith over fashion, and do so wonderfully.

I went into their store multiple times (read: almost every week) over the three months of my semester break in Brunei and stocked up a lot of their goodies along the way. I went in there so much so that I got myself a Covered Girl Passport and sweet little mentions on their Instagram. Their pink umbrellas gave colour to my gloomy days, and I am super grateful to them for it. (And yes, I am in love with each and every purchase I got from them).

Second Year

While days have been colourful and happy and exciting for the first half of February, things started to wane over the second half. And one of the main reasons was because my three months summer break in Brunei was over, and that I had to go back to Brisbane for the second year of my studies.

You can probably imagine why I became rain, gloom and have this post up much later than planned.

The second year of my studies have come, and though the first couple of weeks were hectic what with settling in to a new house, and trying to orient myself to what seems to be the start of a much busier semester and year than I’ve had before, there were definitely some golden points and silver linings.

But those are stories that I’ll save for another day. In sha Allah.

For now, I’ll leave this post here, 10 days after the day I planned for it to initially go up on the blog, and filled with enough positivity that I am delightful to have it off my shoulders and read it back. Till the next one, In sha Allah.

How was your February?



food, meetings & other things of pleasure | january snippets



When 2017 rolled in, the first day just felt like another day. It took me a few weeks to realize, but it soon hit me how January 2017 was a new chapter unfolding. Some things were put into action, others were halted. Some opportunities arrived and were taken, others were not. And while good things had come, other good things went by.

But through it all and against the odds, there is one thing that I know for sure – January was a month filled with a lot of pleasurable moments.



January saw a lot of restaurant-hopping for my family; we went for snacks, sweets, suppers – of the like. And though I am horrible at trying new things (most especially when it comes to food), I welcomed the adventure, if only to get a chance to see some new places and please some cravings.

And so new places were seen, and cravings were pleased. Food brought a lot of pleasure this month, indeed. Read More »

Dear 2016, Here’s to Us


Of eye-opening firsts and heart-wrenching lasts, overflowing happiness and overwhelming pain – to say that 2016 was bittersweet is to play it so completely and utterly safe.

So forget it. Just forget it all. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to look back and recount what a year 2016 has been. I’d rather turn back, take a different road altogether, and just look at myself and what a person I’ve been in the last 365 days.

Because the memories don’t make us who we are. We make the memories who we are. We make the memories what we want them to be. And make of the memories what we choose. They matter, they do. But they’re just a small part of what matters the most – us.

So, 2016.

Here’s to Us.

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December Snippets


Careful days and wishful nights, faraway lands and short getaways, fun adventures and peaceful escapes.

December was everything, and nothing all at the same time.


There were days when I found myself being taken into a whirlwind. Days where the hours went by like a whisper of a breeze, before disappearing altogether. And then there were days where minutes went by so slow, my stares pierced through the clock, willing the hands to go faster.Read More »

I’ve Been Bookstrucked



finding yourself in a bookstore carrying five books in one hand and reading the summary of another book with the other – all the while not being able to take your eyes off of the bookshelves towering before you; browsing online for (more) books when an order of books you made a while ago are on the way and there are still books waiting to be read on your shelves; having an unhealthy obsession for books.

And when August swooped in, the solace I found in reading a book and the love for books that had been buried and stowed away for a while was rekindled. Soon enough, I found myself to be completely, hopelessly and utterly bookstrucked.

As for what got me here? A few culprits, to mention.


The Assassin’s Blade, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms

Throne of Glass series, YA High Fantasy Action | Meet Celaena Sardothien, also known as Adarlan’s Assassin, who is called to the Palace to represent the Crown Prince in a battle to become the King’s Champion. Or at least, that’s how it begins. What starts as a story of a deadly, arrogant assassin fighting for her freedom expands into a world that is so much more. A world where evil and nightmares are made flesh, where faeries and warriors come together, where wars and battles span through countries and across continents, where characters take you on journeys – journeys through the world’s borders, as well as journeys within themselves.| The Throne of Glass series is one with an amazing world-building, a set of unforgettable characters, meaningful character development, a storyline full of political intrigue and thrilling scenes, and a beautiful writing to top it all off. By the second book, I was hooked and I fell in love. It’s one of my favourite series now and I can’t wait for the last book to come out (while simultaneously dreading that day to come because I don’t want it to end just yet).Read More »

Five Senses


Disclaimer: this post is inspired by one of the chapters of Nicola Yoon’s masterpiece, Everything Everything. I loved that chapter (it might be my favourite but I can’t say so exactly because there were so many chapters that I fell in love with for the beautiful writing style). And because of that love, I wanted to give something like it a try. So here goes.


Like many other nights that came before, tonight is spent on cooking dinner for one.

Butter sizzles on the pan and I rush over to pick the garlic cloves I’ve sliced; shove them all in. The sweet scent wafts up. My stomach grumbles; it’s been a while since I’ve eaten – I’ve specially saved my appetite for this. Chili, shreds of lettuce, a bowl of washed and drained spaghetti – all of them go in the pan. A sprinkle of salt and a bit of cheese could do, too.

While everything is cooking, I find that my attention is divided. One eye on the pan and the food; the other on my phone that is leaning on the kitchen utensils holder. It was playing another vlog of Zoe’s. Another vlog, I say, because nights spent cooking dinner for one, are nights spent listening to her videos at the very same time.

Zoe’s voice booms out of my phone’s speaker, occasionally drowned out by the sounds of cooking – but that doesn’t bother me. These nights come by so often, that I’m more than happy to watch – I mean, listen! – to her vlogs over and over again. They give me company. A background noise that keeps the loneliness at bay.

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