A To Z Facts About Me Part One

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

I’ve moved to wordpress – in true on-and-off-blogger style! I like it here a lot so far and can’t wait to start a new (hopefully better) blogging journey! Like every start to a blog, here’s a little introduction. I found out about this A to Z facts about me from another blogger, Bash Harry and thought it’d be fun to try out myself!

I’ve broken it down into two parts (because I realize it’s much longer than I initially thought it would be, oops!). But here they are: A To Z Facts About Me Part One!

“featuring the Hello Kitty amigurumi I made using a pattern written by amigurumei

A : Amigurumi (Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures) is the reason why I’ve stuck with crochet despite how much I struggled when I first got into it. You can make all kinds of stuffed toys with amigurumi and because I’m such a kid at heart, this is the perfect fit for me!

B : If I were a Disney character, I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast (one of the random things my friends and I used to talk about) because of my love for books – and no, not because of beasts or anything even remotely related to Beauty (/sobs).

C : I love cards – birthday cards, invitation cards, Selamat Hari Raya cards; I’m just really into them! I love the idea that you get to ‘give your words’ to someone. (plus, they make the best keepsakes!)

D : In sixth form, I joined debate auditions on a whim. I’ve never loved giving presentations nor was I interested in the thought of arguing with people so this was kind of an out-of-my-comfort-zone moment. Alhamdulillah, I made it to the school’s debate team and found that I actually enjoy public speaking after all.

E : ‘Embrace Your Pace’ – this isn’t a real saying, but this is something I always repeat to myself. I always feel overwhelmed when I’m expected to do something that it turns out I can’t do; I would take it too seriously, hate on myself and burst to tears (no, not kidding). So I tell myself this saying to remind myself that everyone has their own pace, I’m not slow and I can definitely do this.

F : I’m the fourth child in a family of 5 children.

G : I have a really girly taste. Anything with florals, pink, cute little patterns – I’m a sucker for them!

H : Because I am a crafter myself, I have a huge appreciation for everything handmade. The first shop I’d go to (other than the book shop) would be shops with anything handmade on display!

“featuring a handmade card holder I got a few years back plus a floral planner and bag in the background. am I girly yet?”

I : My religion is Islam – and I am very blessed and grateful to be a Muslimah!

J : I’m a bit of a journal collector. Whenever I see prettily covered journals, I would give in and buy them even though I leave them empty sometimes because I don’t want to ruin their prettiness. (Anyone else feel my pain?!)

K : I’m a Korean dramas/variety shows fan. I can’t really pick a favourite among the ones I’ve watched, but I’ve always loved Dream High and can always rely on Running Man for a good laugh!

L : I’m 1/8 of the Loners’ Table – the name sounds sad, I promise you we are anything but. These girls were with me every lunch time during my sixth form years and were always there to make me laugh and feel loved! ♡

M : You know those monkey emojis on Whatsapp? I love them! I think they’re my most used ones. (inserting them here).

I’m stopping at M for now; the second part of this post will be up next week, In sha Allah. Let me know facts about yourself in the comments – whether we’re alike or not (smirk). HEHE. See you on the next post?

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


8 thoughts on “A To Z Facts About Me Part One

  1. Saalam Cupcake , This is wonderful. I hope this blog would be something that you are truly doing in your pace, yknow, what I mean is something that you would really enjoy doing! I love the idea of the A-Z facts. I feel painful writing on pretty books as well *join your party*. -LazyTeamCo. , The big Boss was here.


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