A To Z Facts About Me Part Two

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

Based on a challenge I saw on Bash Harry’s blog, I decided to try it for myself. I separated it into two parts (because altogether they’re so so long!!) and I’ve written 13 Facts so far (from A to M) which you can find here. Here’s the A To Z Facts About Me Part Two which starts from the letter N and goes all the way to the letter Z!

N : I think a lot of people grow up watching Disney shows (and I did watch Lizzie McGuire, Phil of The Future, Totally Spies, etc.) but most of my kid years were spent watching Nickelodeon. I remember staying up late watching Hey! Arnold and laughing until my stomach hurt watching Dan Schneider’s shows.

O : I am an open book – my emotions are always so obviously reflected on my face. Which means I can never fool teachers when I say “I understand” (thanks, blank expression) and can never hide it when I’m blushing out of mind. (hey, this rhymes!)

P : If I could have any animal as a pet, I’d choose a penguin. THEY ARE SO DAMN ADORABLE. I mean, go right now and search ‘penguins’ and the most adorable, fluffy-looking creatures would show up (/hearteyes). OH AND WATCH THIS.

“last year, I got to see real life penguins. guess just how ecstatic I was! answer: VERY!!! I even got stuffed toy penguins afterwards!”

Q : I have always been called the shy and quiet girl – and not just in school! My teacher once said he finds it weird that I’m a debater considering my ‘shy and quiet girl’ look (I’m just so used to hearing it by now I don’t even bother questioning it anymore).

R : Contrasting to the previous fact I’ve shared, I’m a massive rambler. When I get nervous, at least. So if I’m talking really really fast and making no sense at all, you might want to help me calm down. (please, I beg of you).

S : Sarah Dessen is my favourite author ever. Her books are always so relatable, calming and hopeful.

“left : Sarah Dessen’s most recent book, Saint Anything. right : Girl Online & Zoe’s Guinea Pig Beauty Bag from one of her Zoella Beauty collections.”

T : My cup of tea is… tea – what can I say? I’m a tea lover.

U : I’m 1/8 of Undivid8d Stars – these girls were basically the reason I survived through my express class years. They’re my second family and are my inspirations: each and every one of them have impacted my life in huge ways.

V : I have a vivid imagination – I always think “if there is anything wild about me, it would be my imagination”.

W : I love love love written words – among the different ways you can express yourself (speaking, hand movements, etc.), I feel like writing is the best for me!

X : I binge watched all of the X-Men movies during its marathon on tv and became (momentarily) obsessed. I remember my brothers going “this movie, again?” and I’d grin enthusiastically. (my favourite is Charles by the way. who’s yours?).

Y : As a crochet enthusiast, I think that makes me a yarn hoarder by default. Open up my box of yarn (which I call my box of happiness) and you’d see different shades of yellow, blue, green – it’s actually ridiculous because these shades are almost always not the ones I need for a crochet project. (/sobs)

Z : Zoe Sugg is my favourite youtuber, vlogger, blogger, twitter-er, instagram-er, products-maker, youtuber-turn-writer and well, you get the picture. I love watching her videos! Her personality bursts through every video, blog post, tweet (…etc.) and I love her for it!

And there you go! A To Z Facts About Me? Been there, done that. It was so fun trying to come up with facts about myself using the alphabets! With 26 facts down, I hope I’ve left a good impression of myself with this (/puts hands together /chants please please please) and that marks yet another beginning in my blogging venture! Keep your eyes wide open (and hopes not too high) for more posts soon!

OH and you should definitely try this yourself if you’d like – I would love to read your facts, too!

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


4 thoughts on “A To Z Facts About Me Part Two

  1. Wa’alaikumsalam~ AMGGG , this is so entertaining! I learnt a few new things bout ya , Iween! >.< And that penguin video is so cute! Just knew u love tea! :D InsyaAllah, I might be doing this too, seems fun!


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