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Assalamualaikum. Hi!


When I first laid eyes on the Zoella Beauty products that Zoe (a.k.a Zoella a.k.a my favourite youtuber, vlogger & blogger) brought out, I was kind of sort of in love. (minus the kind of sort of). The pretty pastel colours on the packaging and the Zoe vibe exuding from every one of her products… (/dreamyeyes) – I knew then and there that I wanted to have one of her products for my own.

Then on my birthday this year, my brother, who I asked for a favor to help me order her products online, bought them for me and I now have the Zoella Beauty products I picked out with me. In person! Not just on screen while I drool at their photos! THEY’RE ACTUALLY HERE. (/throws confetti, dances out of tune, sings to the lyrics of old songs I’ve heard only once or twice from the radio or glee perfectly)

From her first collection, I got the Guinea Pig Beauty Bag/Pencil Case. There are three makeup bags in total from her first collection (Guinea Pig, Eyes and Just Say Yes) and I’ve always loved the Just say Yes one, but because it’s one of the bestsellers, it was out of stock at the time (aw!). So this was what my brother picked out for me instead. (Which I don’t mind at all because I think all the designs for her cosmetic bags are super cute!)

I love the polka dots on this bag (and polka dots in general, let’s be honest) and it has a decent size that you can fit a lot into! I might use it to stash my crochet essentials or maybe as a pencil case!

Then Zoe came out with a third collection, which included this absolutely gorgeous Beauty Lace Collar Purse and this beautifully scented Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream.

She introduced and explained the products from this collection in one of the videos from her vlog channel (MoreZoella) and immediately when she pulled out the Beauty Lace Collar Purse, my jaw dropped in awe – It looked so pretty! And though I thought it wouldn’t be possible, it is even prettier in person! I really like the lace collar details and the shiny navy colour – and it’s a pretty pale pink inside! It’s much smaller in size compared to the beauty bag up top but I love it for that because it’s the perfect size for my necessities like my lip balm and pocket mirror – the hand cream fits in it too!

The Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream was also something I wanted to get right after Zoe showed it in her video. I wanted to know that ‘Zoella Beauty scent’ and was debating whether to get this or the Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist. In the end, I went with the hand cream! It arrived in an adorable box package and an even lovelier container itelf with metallic letters and polka dots all over! The hand cream itself has a subtle but feminine scent which I really like – I keep sniffing my hands when I’ve put some on them!

**A little note to any Muslims wanting to get this hand cream, I went and searched up the ingredients and found that they are In sha Allah, Halal.

I am head over heels over these lovelies! And with Zoe’s products getting better and better with every collection, I think I might have to save up $ to get some more of them in the future, In sha Allah. hehehehehe. Any Zoella Beauty (or Zoella) fans out there? 

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


4 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Products

  1. Wa’alaikumsalam~ :D OOhh, I just knew that you bought some of Zoella’s products,that’s so cool! I feel very very excited when I read this post ! *squeal* You have a collection of the Zoella’s products ! >.< Are you planning on buying some more? :D


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