23 Amigurumis

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

For the past four weeks, I have been even more immersed in doing crochet than I usually am. I challenged myself to finish 40 amigurumis (crocheted dolls) under 30 days. This is something I’ve never done before because I’ve never had the reason to do so. But this month is the last month that I am going to be around kids and as I’ve been with these kids for the past 11 months now, I wanted to give them a little handmade gift to remember me by.

I followed the patterns from Mei Li Lee’s Hello Kitty Crochet book (which I absolutely love!) to make Hello Kitty for the girls and Dear Daniel for the boys. I’m so glad that I chose these two because not only are they very cute, they also have the same shaped head and details, with only a few differences (which is a bonus for someone who is chasing a tight deadline a.k.a me).

Above are the detailed heads of Hello Kitty/Dear Daniel with a cheeky little close up on the left and a bag filled with 40 heads on the right. My mom called me a head hunter every time she saw me lugging that bag around – not gonna lie though, it felt really good to carry my army of heads; it reminded me that I’ve passed a huge hurdle : making heads and sewing faces!

Doing crochet – especially when doing a handful within a limited time – is tedious work. As the deadline approached, I went through moments where I wanted to just give up and immerse myself instead in a Heroes marathon or finish all the books I’ve got and basically do everything else I possibly can to avoid the task at hand. This happened a lot – most especially when I was left with just a few days until the deadline and had completed only 8 (out of 40!!!) amigurumis!

Alhamdulillah, it was my mom who was always there to remind me that I’m doing this for the kids. She was the reason why I kept working hard whenever I stumbled upon those awful moments.


Above is my ‘Finishing-40-Amigurumis-Under-30-Days Starter Kit’ – consisting of my crochet essentials, the same bag you saw before that’s overfilled with heads, yarns of various colours, some semi-completed crochet dolls, my glasses and my earphones (which I rely heavily on for motivation because I would watch – or rather, listen to – Zoe’s older videos/vlogs to keep myself amused haha).

When my deadline came (which was the 27th of November), I had 23 amigurumis in total – 11 Hello Kitty’s and 12 Dear Daniel’s! Although I didn’t reach my initial goal of 40 Amigurumis, I feel so happy and satisfied to have finished this much!


I packaged these little ones into drawstring bags – pink for the girls, green for the boys – before giving them to the kids and the reactions I got melted my heart!

Some squealed and cuddled the dolls immediately, some stared with their mouths dropped open before reaching out to take the dolls and my favourite reaction yet was a family that approached me, excited, when they saw what I was carrying!

One of my favourite things about crochet is the end-product : to see and hold something I spent hours on making from scratch is so, so rewarding. But I’ve found that there’s something even more rewarding on top of that : making crocheted stuff for other people and seeing the joy in their eyes when they receive it!

Seeing people happy is already a gift in itself, but being the reason behind their happiness? Best thing ever. This is an achievement I’ll always look back at because I’ve done it! 23 Amigurumis! (cue the happy dance and the goofy smile).

What’s something you’ve done before that made another person happy? Or something you’ve achieved this month that you’re proud of?

Much love, Iween. xo.  ♡


9 thoughts on “23 Amigurumis

  1. Waalaikumussalam, Iween that is such a huge achievement really (>x<). I laughed at the head-hunter part but I can imagine how funny yet nice it would be carrying those cute heads. Alhamdulillah I am soo happy for you that the kids like them and that you feel happy about it as well. Alhamdulillah You have come so far in doing the things you love hehe cant wait to see more. (BTW 23 is a huge no. and thats more than half of 40! throw confetti over you). And regarding you last post on Zoella's beauty product -though I know nothing of beauty stuffs- I really like the design of the products.
    Have nice day!


    1. Funny thing is I always see short versions of your comments! hahah! Thank you so much <3 I'm really happy about the achievement and I knew you would be happy for me too (as always because you're the best hehe). Have a nice day too ;)


  2. Wa’alaikumsalam! Wanna hug you right now! So happy you shared this achievement! I’m really impress how those dolls are small in size and yet it comes in great detail!
    I also love giving people gifts which are handmade as well, it was worth it!
    Though I have yet reached something I be proud of saying it as my greatest one.
    But one day, InsyaAllah~
    You keep crafting and love what you craft, girl. Cuz I sure do! v<)


    1. Aww, you’re the best! You’ve achieved something like this before – every year you’re always giving me the most wonderful hand drawn birthday cards, remember? Heheh ♥ thank you so much my simultaneous sisterrr ♥♥♥


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