Baking Chocolate Cookies

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

It’s December! And two days in, I already started feeling the emptiness of having nothing to do (cons of being a plan-ahead, busy-bee loving girl). After my recent crochet project, I’m taking a step back from crochet for a while (although I have already started browsing through crochet patterns haha!) and I want to do other things now to fill in my free time. And somewhere along the line of thoughts on what to do next came the idea of… baking! (/hearteyes).

I have always admired people who can bake – one, because I love cakes, cookies and all the sweet stuff and two, because baking, to me, is like an art – and anyone who knows me will know I love anything artsy! I’ve also started watching more baking shows this year – squealing over all the baking challenges in Masterchef especially now that Christina Tosi is one of the judges, ooh-ing and aah-ing whilst catching glimpses of the American and Australian Bake Offs and watching Zoe’s baking videos  – and in all those challenges, shows and videos, my admiration for bakers and baking grew and I knew that I wanted to give baking a go!

I’ve tried baking twice before – if putting ready-made cake and cookie mixtures into the oven count as baking, that is – but this is my first time making cookies from scrap. I used Tanya Burr’s Triple Chocolate Cookie recipe from her book Love, Tanya. She shared the recipe in her blog post here too so you can give it a try if you’d like. (or you can try another blogger, Vivianna’s blog post here).


I pulled out my Love, Tanya book and my phone to refer to the aforementioned recipe and blog post and with my Mom’s help, had a decent cookie mixture sitting in the bowl waiting for bits of chocolate bar (Cadburry!) to go in.

Tanya says she adds in Cadburry’s milk chocolate and white chocolate but I recommend going for the milk chocolates with French Vanilla fillings because yummy yummy! (/hearteyes)


Post-putting in the chocolate bar bits! (And can I just add : how does one go about using a silicone spatula without feeling like they might break it? Because I felt like it would break every time I tried to stir the mixture and yet my Mom found it so easy to use, haha!)


After the cookie mixture was done, we had to scoop them and place them on the baking tray. Tanya made quite large cookies using this recipe, but I went with smaller sized cookies so that everyone could have a taste. I also made sure every cookie had bits of those yummy chocolate bar bits as you can see.


Forty minutes (and many ‘test-tasting’ plus chocolate bar munching) later, the cookies were done! We placed the cookies in a container (which you can’t really see in this photo, but I promise you the cookies are not floating!) and served them for everyone to eat later.

I wish my cookies turned out as yummy and thick-looking as Tanya’s did, but these batch of cookies came out alright (for a first-timer, HEHEH). They probably could have used more than just 10 minutes baking time, though! Still, the experience of making these cookies was a treat in itself and I definitely would love to try it again some other time (soon)!

Have you baked cookies (or any sweet treats) before? How did your FIRST baking experience go?

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


4 thoughts on “Baking Chocolate Cookies

  1. waalaikumussalam Iween hehe great for you! first of all, yes! at first glimpse I though the cookies are floating ahah then i was like wait maybe its a container? ahaha and we dont have that silicone spatula at home -and I dont think I can mix the batter easily either unless it’s a cake batter haha- but we used to have a whisk and by “used to” I meant it breaks while in use. Moreover white chocolate and french vanilla fillings sound yummy though I am not really sure what the latter is. Maybe I’ll try to make this hehe.
    p/s: I understand well the chocolate bar/chips munching and the lots of cookie munching (like one cookie from each tray that was put in the oven as if the taste of the cookies would change overtime) / we can’t help ourselves :)
    Yayy to you! cant wait to see more of your plans. I’ll be posting some stuffs in my blog soon as well InsyaAllah
    /long/too long/


    1. Hahahah I didn’t take a proper photo of the cookies on a plate (malas)! My Mom had to do most of the mixing because I was too worried about breaking the spatula! The french vanilla one is delicious, you gotta try it! I can’t wait for more of your posts, heheheh. Thank you LazyTeam ;)


  2. Wa’alaikumsalam~ OOoooh! *Drools*Those looks so goooooodddddd! Did your family have a taste of it ?
    Mau cuba eh, nanti 0.0 And I’ve always wanted to bake with u guys….since forever. InsyaAllah one day~
    My first baking experience was also of a ready-made cookies, it was back in primary school. oh lol!
    But that turned out great because of my mom. When me and Ani baked by ourselves, our cookies turned “hard as stone” , oh you know tht well hahaha!
    I still love baking now, and sharing it with others afterwards…that’s what make it worthwhile!
    I love this youtuber called “Rosanna Pansino” she and her nerdy self and her nerdy nummies….are adorable! I’d love to try some of her creative recipes one day too! (*Just as you did with Tanya’s)
    p/s: I know how u felt about that spatula lol.


    1. Heheh yes my family tasted as well but some of the cookies didn’t come out cooked well enough haha! Yeah I want to bake with you girls too, In sha Allah. You’re my baking senior, hahah! Oooo I’ll check her out when I want to bake again hehehe thank you as always, Papermail ;)


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