Bookmarks And Polaroid Cards

Assalamualaikum. Hi!


If you’re a crafter (or a lover of pretty things), then you might already know about Typo. If you don’t know, it is “a one stop concept store filled with supercool gift ideas, fashionable stationery, awesome room-bling and other irresistible products” – in their words that I full on agree with.

I went on a vacation to Australia last year and found myself entering every Typo store that I came across (and there was a lot of them!). Their stores have a certain charm that draws you in – various creative interior design for every branch and products that catch your eye from a distance. As someone who loves handmade, vintage-y stuff, I was very much hooked. And somewhere in between the trips into their stores, I got myself a Message In A Box : Polaroid Cards with many different pretty floral designs on them.

To be frank with you, I had no idea what I was going to do with these beauties when I bought them. I love flowers, love polaroids and love anything crafty – and this tin full of scrapbooking/gift tags ticks everything on that list so how can I not get it? (I also had a good look at it every time I went into the Typo stores, debating whether or not I should get it before finally deciding yes, I’m gonna get it at the last Typo store I went to – the things you don’t buy really do haunt you, heh?). And when I got them, I was so happy. All that I needed to do was give them a purpose… and that purpose was realized after finding that I don’t have a proper bookmark (I was using my bracelet as a bookmark at the time for some reason) and these cards could fulfill that purpose.


There is a total of 40 cards in the tin with eight different designs and five cards for each design. (breathe, it’s just maths. you can do this). And with every card, there’s a little space under the flower image – just like a polaroid – where you can write onto if you want. So that’s exactly what I do. I write the title of the book I’ve just finished reading on that space (with different coloured pens because hey, why not?) and on the empty space behind that, I write my thoughts on that book – kind of like a review, except I’m not good at giving book reviews and almost always end up going on a ramble about how much I love (or not love) that book repeatedly. So book title on the front, excessive rambling/expression of love on the back. Then, the bookmark is ready to be used and can be inserted into the pages of the book. Now every book read will have it’s own special bookmark!


bookmark for I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

What I love about this idea is that, it doesn’t only make it easier to mark a page, but it’s a cute and creative way to keep your own words in between words written by other people. And the thing is, you don’t even have to buy these cards – you can just print polaroid pictures onto a cardstock and voila, you have your custom bookmarks ready! And what a sweet little surprise would it be to find a specialized bookmark when you’re about to re-read a book? (Answer : very sweet!).

So, bookworms, here’s an idea for how you can keep track of where you’ve stopped reading and at the same time, make for a simple yet adorable DIY! How do you like to mark your pages?

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


6 thoughts on “Bookmarks And Polaroid Cards

  1. Wa’alaikumsalam~ :D oooh! I love typo store too T.T They offer so many artsy stuffs that I feel tempted to buy though…well..i found no reason to. When I really think back to it, I don’t think I bought anything for myself from TYPO, lol..oh except for a cute cat earphone which didn’t last long. Anyway,i like how u put reviews on the back of the bookmark! Thats cool! I never really have a specific bookmark either, my real bookmarks are usually placed in my keepsake collection box. So, I would usually use some random paper nearby or any cards or brochures I could find to mark my!


    1. Yes, they always have the best things there! Aw, next time you can go for something for yourself hehe. Yeah, I used to use whatever I can find too, but I loved giving my polaroid cards a purpose!


  2. Waalaikumussalam Iween.
    This post first of all reminded me of how I lost the bookmark you made me in 2012 huhu I love it so much I (regretfully) brought it (placed on the corner of a page of a book) to shopping one day and lost it.
    I think I lost it at the parking lot….I dont know but I felt it even before I enter the car to go home and before I realized its gone but when I looked around, I was sure I have it in my book .
    Sorry again.
    The next thing that came into my mind while reading this is how fun and exciting it would be to go overseas with you XD / and visit every craft shops there is.
    Like you, I love Typo. I’d always feel the urge to go inside even though I just came a few hours ago or just a day ago(there was only one Typo shop that I saw in the countries that I went).
    My guts tells me no but my heart says yes but I ended up empty handed until the last day of the trip .
    Like you (again!), I also bought that tin of “message in a box “with random pretty pictures of birds, ferris wheel and flowers and I seriously didn’t know what to do with it (but I Bought it!) -except as birthday cards- well, until I read this!

    I really like the ideaaaa ~ of turning them into bookmarks and putting reviews and thoughts behind it.
    So, I am thinking of doing this as well but since, I am no longer a long-term reader (sadly) I thought why not…anime review (dang. lame hahah) and yeahh so that I could remember what I felt about the animes I watched (I tend to forget).

    Hehe with these super long comments, I end my comment (haha) with Thank You for the great inspiration!

    Cant wait for more next Week! ^^


    1. Aw that’s alright! Maybe one day I can make you another and much better bookmark to replace the old one, nyehehe!
      I would honestly be the noisiest person ever when it comes to being in a craft/DIY shop, you would regret bringing me along! HAHA. But I imagine it would be fun too, aw!
      I sometimes feel I might as well just live in a Typo store cause I always spend so long browsing through the stores when I enter them, haha! (And I mean why not live in a Typo store?)
      Anime review would work as well, of course heheh! (BUT I’m gutted to hear that you’re no longer reading any books!!!! Even though secretly and sadly I might not be able to read much too, soon… huhu).
      Thank you as always, for coming around to my blog, love! ♡


      1. Awhh.
        Its okay I’d like a noisy company to convince me so I would actually bow to my temptation to buy things rather than regretting not buying it on the plane back home.
        Hahah Yes! a prefect house for you indeed ; Typo!
        I did the anime review thingy but I ended up using both sides of 2 CARDS haha/ too long indeed.
        I think it depends on how you manage your time and of course priorities and by priorities I dont mean stuff like prioritize your study all the time (though dont forget about them completely haaha) but things that fill up your life , thing thats important to you and that you love like reading!
        And actually, me not reading isnt mostly because of lack of time. I just find it hard to do so even though I wanted to read so bad.
        So, dont you worry! InsyaAllah you will do fine :D


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