15 Reads in 2015

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

I am an avid reader (who might have to set a legit book budget come next year), and because 2015 is ending, I feel it’s only appropriate to share 15 books that I read this year. These aren’t reviews but are my personal opinions and thoughts on these books.

I’ve linked the synopsis and Goodreads reviews to each book below so you can click on the title if you want to know what the book’s about and what people are saying about it. I’ve also added a lovely heart (this one 💓 which looks more like a butterfly than a heart) next to all my favourite reads from the list – so whatever book that has this heart beside it is definitely worth the read!

1 | Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

This is the second book of the Mind Games duology (which has made it into my favourite book series list)! I love the pace of this book and its predecessor and the style of writing is just so fresh and original! It has the flashback format (think Gayle Forman’s If I Stay/Where She Went) in a way that makes the unraveling of the story very, very interesting. I’d recommend this one for fans of action-packed reads/movies!

2 | Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr

Tanya is a successful UK blogger and youtuber and in this book, she shares stories of her life, gives advice (on beauty, on confidence and she shares recipes!) and gives readers the chance to not only get to know her but themselves through pages with questions and space for writing your answers (like “what your favourite family moments are” and “what do you think has shaped you as a person?”). This book is super pretty (and you who know me will know that I cannot resist pretty things) and having seen Tanya’s videos, I knew it would carry the same positive vibe she carries! Plus, it’s the kind of book you can look through and feel good instantly! (Especially if you’ve written down your answers to the questions in it!)

3 | Panic by Lauren Oliver

This is a thriller novel that reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire (in a good way!). It had a rushed ending but was an okay read for me.

4 | I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I liked the sassy protagonist Cody and her journey of self-discovery (the winning point of this book) and I think anyone who likes John Green’s Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska would enjoy this book thoroughly.

5 | Atlantia by Ally Condie

I loved the Matched trilogy when I was younger so getting another book written by Ally Condie was like a ding! jackpot! moment! I appreciate that this book is so different compared to Matched – we’re talking underwater cities and sirens with twists and turns – I only wish it was longer!

6 | More Than This by Patrick Ness 💓

I had, for some reason, postponed reading this book for months long. I would read the first chapter, get overwhelmed and stop. But after the fourth time reading, I went past the first chapter and found that I could not stop reading. It’s an intense, thought-provoking science fiction psychological thriller with a lot of life. The characters are absolutely amazing and you can never guess what happens until you turn the page. I repeatedly found myself shutting the book mid-read and going oh my goodness because that’s just what it does to you. Cheers to Patrick Ness! I can see very clearly why he’s an award-winning author! If you want a book that will make you think about it long after you’ve read it : this is the one.

7 | I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson 💓

If you’ve read my post on bookmarks and polaroid cards before, you would have already had an idea of how I feel about this book. You have two POVs (one Noah’s, one Jude’s) happening in two different times (one past, one present) which makes the story unraveling that more interesting. And the writing style itself is something I’ve never came across. Because both characters are so different, their POVs reflect that in a way that makes them feel like real people that I would love to be friends with. (oh and yes, Jandy Nelson is my new writing hero – second to the Sarah Dessen).

8| Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen 💓

SARAH DESSEN FTW! I love her books and this one is no exception. Sarah Dessen’s characters are always ones you can relate to and as someone who has felt invisible for most of my life, Sydney (the protagonist) feels like a reflection of myself in the mirror. Sydney has a mature voice and throughout the book, she grows even more. I also really love the secondary characters here (the Chathams! Peyton!). Like all Sarah Dessen books, I would recommend this one for contemporary book lovers who like to read much more emotional pieces!

9 | All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This is a book I got based on Zoe’s recommendation. The theme of this book (mental illness, grief) is very serious, but is told in a light (but endearing) way. I appreciate Finch’s POV over Violet’s because I feel his voice gives the book more meaning. The book, I think, could have been a lot better, but it’s alright and has a genuine message in it. You’re bound to feel a shift by the end of it!

10 | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han 💓

There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and I gave in – and how glad I am that I did! This is a cute, simple and easy read. And I like it so much because of that. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Lara Jean’s voice nor am I particularly impressed with the writing, but the humor-filled plot, swoon-worthy romance and feel-good vibe is enough to make up for that. I’d read this on days end if it meant feeling the way I did when I read it the first time!

11 | P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han

This is the second book of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series and albeit not being as good as the predecessor (in my opinion), it is still a very enjoyable read. I got to see Lara Jean grow here and see Kitty even more (such a badass, that kid) and relate to Lara Jean in a way that made me feel very emotional towards the end of the book.

I just found out this is a duology (and am now screaming NO in my head). I would have loved a third book – it doesn’t feel completed, to be honest. (more head screaming).

12 | The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I’ve read three books that combined grief, romance and humor, but this is the best by far! Jandy has a way with words and used that by writing heartbreaking and beautiful poems for this book. And once again, she has impressed me with her characters. I was dizzy with Joeliciousness whilst reading and felt a lot of love for Lennie and her imperfectly perfect family.

13 | Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

First of all… /wink. (You’ll get it once you’ve read the first few chapters of the book). Like the first book, reading this felt a lot like watching a good ole’ chick flick. With the first book, I felt it focused on the romance (which I found cute, no lies), but with this book, it had so much more. Self-discovery was the main theme and I really appreciated that. Penny is a character that I think I resemble A LOT (like how clumsy she is, for starters!) and I loved her character development here.

14 | An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

This book was a gift (hehe, thank you!) and a book that I’ve wanted to get but haven’t for some reason so I’m happy that I finally got to read it! The realness of Lindsey (one of the main characters) and her personal struggle really hit home for me – I can totally relate to her! The protagonist, Colin, on the other hand, is such a smartypants. A lot of the time, the intellectual language kind of threw me off a bit, but the random bursts of humor and the even random-er bursts of realness shaped this book into an overall great, unpredictable and enjoyable read!

15 | Wonder by R. J Palacio

This was an alright read. It’s told from many different perspectives, but mostly those of 10-year-olds, so it was far different from what I usually read. I enjoyed Via’s POV, though. And I liked that the story was told from the different characters.

Many apologies for the lack of photos (but what a relief for me that is because I’m honestly not that good at taking photos, anyways, haha!), but I hope bookworms reading this get an idea of what book to get (or not to get) next!

Have you read any of the books I’ve listed above? What are your favourite reads in 2015?

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


12 thoughts on “15 Reads in 2015

    1. Sophie Kinsella! I read one of her books once and I loved it. I might read that now that you’ve suggested it (I’ve been wondering what books to get next haha).
      Aw thank you! :D

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wa’alaikumsalam~ I’ve read Atlantia and “All the bright places” as well! :D I really love Atlantia on how the story revolves about the sistership especially on her aunt*forgot her name..*
    The best book I read this year would be “100 Cupboards” and “circus Mirandus” ! They are, kids books though :’D


  2. Waalaikumussalam Iween!
    This is such a lovely post. I really like it when you talk about what you enjoy.
    Hehe I feel like I havent read for a long time (maybe only a few books this year) but this make me want to .
    I have a wandering mind and its really hard to read peacefully recently but I do hope I can become a reader again (><)
    And again, I like your blog webname.


    1. Thank you, lovely. Hehe. I hope that when your reading spirit revives, you’ll remember this list and enjoy the sme reads I enjoyed hahaha :p ♥


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