Assalamualaikum. Hi!


I’m back! And I’m ready to share posts again, In sha Allah – it won’t be weekly posts (I don’t have a regular blogging schedule as for now) because drumrolls I’m starting university in less than a month! Alhamdulillah, my year-long hiatus from school is coming to an end. It doesn’t feel real yet to me – even as I’m consciously doing preparations for it! But I ask for your prayers that Allah will ease everything, hehe. Amiin.

There has been some changes here since my last post. The first and most obvious change is my blog name, Wendystrucked (it was previously APFHT: A Penny For Her Thoughts). My theme has also changed (but I’ve stuck to the the pink and white color scheme, as one may have expected from this girly girl, haha!).

Behind the name

My tumblr URL used to be “wandastrucked” – a combination of the name Wanda (from The Host – which I used to be obsessed with) and Wonderstruck (from Taylor Swift’s song, Enchanted – again, also something I used to be obsessed with). Somewhere along the road of me trying to find a good personalized name for my blog, my thoughts wandered (/winkwink) back to my old tumblr URL name and with a teeny tiny bit of change (i.e Wanda into Wendy which is not my real name but it sounds somewhat similar to my name), Wendystrucked was born! (/I-created-Frankenstein! moment).

I’m very much in love with my blog name now and it’s left me really excited to start posting again! /hearteyes!

Behind the icon

There’s another change that I want to draw your attention to and that is my blog’s icon. My dearest best friend, Ani (a.k.a 1/8 of Undivid8d Stars and 1/2 of the super talented twins whose drawings/sketches/doodles/scribbles/anything-even-remotely-related-to-art-and/or-the-idea-of-art I’ve loved since I was eleven) is the artist behind the beautiful flower wreath icon that is now going to be part of my blog forevermore!

It’s been so many years since knowing Ani and her art, yet I’m blown away by her work every single time. I remember saying to her and her twin sister, Ana, how one day if I get to write a book, I want them to be the artists that draw my book covers for me (they’re my favourite artists ever, guys) and now look! A blog icon that I’m going to cherish for a long time. Thank you times a hundred, Ani! Much, much love! ♡

Behind the scenes

And as for what I have in store for this blog?

I have drafts piling up, waiting for me to edit and revise before you’ll get to see them. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing posts as often as I can. A new blog feature is also in the making, In sha Allah. Crafts and DIYs here and there; books and reading in between. Probably even snippets of what it’s like to be a university student along the way. All I can say is, to see what’s in store for this blog, you’ll just have to stick around. HEHEHE.

Many thank yous for visiting my blog, hope you’ll come around again soon! (There will be a new post up tomorrow, so maybe you can come by again then? haha!). How’s life been for you?

Much love, Iween. xo.  ♡


7 thoughts on “Wendystrucked

  1. Waalaikumussalam. Such a lovely icon and blog handle! Thank you for following me since I’m now exposed to such a cute blogger <3 Looking forward to read more from you. Good luck for university! May I ask where to? (And don't mind my snooping in your archives).


  2. Wa’alaikumsalam~ I really like the name Wendystrucked , Iween. Its very unique. InsyaAllah, semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan~ :D Ohhhh, ur going to start ur course soon T.T I’m saddddd and happy! Do update more on your preparations and stuffs..Looking forward to it! :D


  3. Waalaikumussalam Iween
    I have always thought that Wendy do sound like your name haha
    And again, thank you I really really am touched (and happy) your mentioning me.
    I am glad that you really like it <3
    I cant wait for hear more from youu .
    All the best!<33 InsyaAllah everything's gonna be good


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