Review : Vanishing Girls

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

This blog post is a review of Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver – a book I read at the end of last year which I didn’t get to read in time for it to be a part of my 15 Reads in 2015. But because I found this book to be one of my favourite reads so far, I really want to share my thoughts on it here with you! (p.s I haven’t quite found my own rhythm when it comes to taking the kind of pictures you’ll see from this post, so, many apologies!)


For the proper book synopsis, you can click here. In a nutshell, this book is a psychological mystery/thriller about two sisters, Nick and Dara, who get involved in an accident which changes their lives. And when one of the sisters go missing, along with 9-year old, Madeline Snow, their lives once again is turned around – this time, with a lot of suspense, search for clues and truths, twists and turns.

I’ve read Panic and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and had a bit of a love-hate relationship with both books; I felt that the storylines were really good but the pacing and ending felt slightly ‘off’. But knowing how good her book plots were, I knew I had to give this one a try anyways! And I’m so happy I did!

The story is told from the point of views of sisters Nick and Dara, ‘before’ and ‘after’ the accident which left them both scarred. The author also includes newspaper clippings, e-mails, diary entries and a few pictures here and there to spice the story up.

The story was gripping from the get-go with the backstory being revealed gradually throughout the novel. It was quite slow and not a lot happened in the first half of the book. Numerous times, I found myself wondering where the book was actually going. However, I feel that these earlier chapters really gave the characters more depth so that readers can connect with them on a much more personal level and the other half of the book was where everything really starts to kick off. We’re talking betrayals, haunting tales and heartbreaking truths unraveled – lots to look forward to!


Towards the end of the book, I experienced the same feeling I did when I read Patrick Ness’s More Than This – I paused a lot and went “no way!”, before flipping over to the earlier chapters, re-reading them a bit and going “no way!” again. The book turned out to be a really thought-provoking and very unprecedented read. There were some bits which felt rushed but the rest blew me away. Ask anyone at home and they would most likely know how the story went and ended because of me – I went on a rant spree and re-told the story to anyone who would listen, haha! That’s basically how much the book affected me and how much I loved it! So, so good, guys!!

Cheers, Lauren Oliver, for a great read! (Also, can I just say how much I appreciate that the romance here is secondary to the sisters’ relationship? How often do you get these kind of reads?!). This book is definitely up there with my favourites and I’m pretty excited to go and re-read it again sometime soon!

Have you read any books written by Lauren Oliver? Let me know how you feel about them!

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


5 thoughts on “Review : Vanishing Girls

  1. I’ve seen this book a few times but this is my first time reading a review about it and I gotta say, I’m definitely curious. I’ll have to check this one out, thanks for your awesome review (:


  2. Waalaikumussalam Iween,
    Okay, I know, its weird to be coming to your blog twice a day but I got a good gut (whatev you call it) and it told me you posted something XD
    Did I tell you I bought this book on your recommendation? and okay,sorry if you were expecting me to say I have finished it since I haven’t :( ( I DO hope I will be able to- soon).
    It seems like a really really good book since you got a post specially for it (*^v^*)

    Suggestion (I might sound like a boss):
    I know you’re finding your own method of taking pictures and I hope that I am not going ahead with myself but here’s a few suggestions to taking what I think would be okay (p/s I DO love all the pics in your blog / They got this vibe that fit your blog theme hehe):

    -Choose a background that bring out the book (the first photo; the book blends too well with the bg (they’re both are a shades of yellow and brown).
    White bg would be good (haha we both know its always is XD) .Or… you could have your collections of books arranged on the floor or table and well, its up to you how you’ll make the main book as the center of attention ^^
    – A photo of two of your hands holding the book would look great and it doesnt have to have your head/face in it if you intended it to be.

    (p/s torch light especially white torch light is a good extra lighting aid since our house doesnt have that many windows where we want them to be/ you might need some help though XD)

    All in all, I didnt meant to say to stop building your own rhythm – I am hoping that you could be able to take my suggestion (if you want) and see where your own style would fit ^^

    Hehe thanks for reading . All the bestt!


    1. haha, nope, not weird at all, Ani <3 I really appreciate you reading my posts MWAH MWAH. I hope you'll read it soon; and I bet you're going to say "NO WAY" at some point while reading it!
      And again, I appreciate the suggestions! I was rushing taking these pictures cause I didn't want to think too much about it but I get really annoyed seeing that they're not taken really nicely, either! T.T
      In sha Allah, I'll try your suggestions, hehe. Thank you, thank you, again! <3


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