Letters from Your Sisters: Mini Mousse

Assalamualaikum, hi!

This is the second post from the Letters from Your Sisters Series in which every week for four weeks, you’ll see posts from four different people sharing their after A’level Exam experience and stories. You’ll get to know what they’ve gone through a little bit and hopefully, In sha Allah, gain some beneficial advice and knowledge after reading their stories.

Hiya!!! Assalamu’alaikum. I came to join the Q&A special session. This is Mini Mousse, everybodeh! LOL… excuse me for the lame yet yummy name.

I’m currently studying abroad and well, I’ve been here for a few months now.
For this session of…interview, I’ll try to be straightforward as possible. I do apologize if I touched on sensitive issues and offended any of you. It wasn’t my intention. I’m here to share my experiences and maybe motivate you guys as well. Otherwise, they’re just mumblings of my life then. Sooo… ready set… enjoy!

What are some major changes/differences from your life in A level to your life now?

I guess, the biggest change is being far from home. I‘ve never been away from home that much before, so this is something too sudden for me. There are also things like not being around that much people to talk and to be crazy with during class. And those people being my besties! >.<

Home here is okay, but feeling lonely is pretty normal to everyone, right?

Oh, yea, let’s not forget about the freedom I’ve gained (/laugh). To be quite specific, I can go to the city and SUPERMARKETS anytime I want to and not worry about troubling anyone to drive me there. I miss the feeling of being in a moving vehicle!

Are you coping well with the changes?

Well, I would say that it’s a mixed-up kind of feeling and I think that’s because my consciousness isn’t fully aware of the situation I am in now. I remember going out and felt surprised to see foreign people (*Non-brunei people lol).
It’s as if, at that moment I just realized I’m somewhere I’m not familiar with. This happened again and again, almost every day.

But that doesn’t really indicate I’m not coping much. In fact, I’m pretty used to it by now. I tried to motivate myself every now and then, that if I want to go home, I should move forward.

The only thing which made it hard to cope is just my consciousness, otherwise, whenever I look at my situation as I did with home, it does feel like home.

My lovelies back in Brunei also kept me company all the time by keeping in contact. Those who are around me here are also helping me a lot!

What you like/dislike about the change?

Like: Online shopping! (/laugh)
Dislike: Too much online shopping (LOL)

Just kidding, yet true that.

Being here really helped me to try more new stuff. There’s a lot going on here! And so many events that you can gain more 1st-time experiences! I’ve watched my first Disney on ice here! Rode on a roller coaster. The extreme coldness is also a nice change… NOT!

I guess I can hate the freedom I’ve gained sometimes. It does have a negative effect on me and my economy hahahahah. And I could somehow feel myself changing a bit… I lost a few bits of sparkles! I’m also a worrywart and paranoid of those around me. Being in a new environment doesn’t help. Ahaha! And being alone can make me feel empty sometimes… but that’s alright ^^

Is your life now going the way you’ve always planned?

Hmmm. I never really looked this far in my life before. To be honest, my soul is probably still stuck in the time when I was in my O’Level years. It is true when I say that I wasn’t fully mentally aware of my A’Level years. I do know that I’m living through it, but at that time, I just wasn’t ready to LIVE through it just yet.

To answer this, I would say no. And that might also be because I’ve only really thought of my future career when I started applying for further education.
I only have a “dream” career, people! But, InsyaAllah, if He wills it and with my efforts, I now can divert my life to the path I wanted from now on.

What are your aspirations and goals for the future?

Well, I guess what I’ve always aspired is to be able to leave an impression to the people around me. Some sort of a wonderful change. And that is through my potentials. I do dream of widening my potential to a whole new level! I’m ready now!

Any advice for people who have just finished their A levels?

Ummmm, I’m bad at giving any but let me just say this….
You know you have dreams inside of you. Or if you don’t really have any, it is never too late to search for one… just make sure…

No matter what people say about you, make sure that it stays only as their opinions. Don’t… and I mean NEVER grant their wish of that. So you whisk up your own dream with your hands, alright?

And that also means, you have to make it true yourself… with help and guidance, of course. So, never turn your back on other people who once had your back. Friends and family will definitely play an important part in growing up.

Whatever your outcome in A’Level was… growing up is a different story altogether.

It will come to you so suddenly and then you’ll realized the burden life had given you. Well, I’d say take that burden and turn it into yet another challenge of life. You don’t have to be mature to take the responsibility.

Take it your pace and have fun. Enjoy your youth days and y’know just live it RIGHT while you’re still young.

To end this, I would like to thank Iween for the wonderful chance to share my experience. It helped lifting a few weights off my shoulder. Again, I apologize if I didn’t answer it well. So, until then… ciao~

And that was Mini Mousse – hehe, cute nickname! – and her after A Level experience. Thank you so much for writing this post! We got a little bit of insight into what it’s like to be away from your home country and some great pieces of advice here.

Next week I’ll be sharing a post from Phoenix. (Ooh, mysterious! Haha!). Till then!

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡


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