Letters from Your Sisters: Phoenix

Assalamualaikum, hi!

This is the third installment of the Letters from Your Sisters Series. Every week for four weeks (this is week 3!), you’ll see posts from four different people sharing their after A’level Exam experience and stories. You’ll get to know what they’ve gone through a little bit and hopefully, In sha Allah, gain some beneficial advice and knowledge after reading their stories.

“What is life without good academic qualifications?”

is essentially

“What is a cup of cappuccino without coffee?”

It requires strenuous efforts and persistence to change people’s mentality on this matter.

Two years ago, the shy and timid me entered sixth form with hopes of making new friends and maintaining the same-leveled, if not greater achievements in various facets. I was lucky enough to experience two completely different schools with cultural contrasts and activities I was a stranger to. Due to everything around me being too new, it took beyond my capability to adjust well and meet people in the first few months.

As time passed, I began to feel as if I belonged since the beginning of my time there. I learnt a huge amount about the art and history of this well-established prestigious boarding school. Slowly, I came to appreciate the time I was given to enjoy every moment that came in my way. At the end of my second academic year, I realized how independent and matured I had become over the course of two years. That was perhaps the most exciting phase of my entire teenage life.

Having graduated from sixth form with average grades (at least to me) but excellent to others, you would have thought life got easier after that. Life was meant to go down a route with lesser bumps, but unfortunately it chose the opposite. I was angry and distressed, and truthfully I even lost faith in life at one point. I would wake up every morning with thoughts running across my mind like a mad game of rugby. It definitely was not a good feeling to bear every single time one eye opened. Questions started to wander off other people’s tongues, which added salt to my already deeply infected wounds. I knew I had to be stronger, but things are always easier said than done.

As September 2015 approached its last days, things started to bounce off my radar and my mind started to open up to positivity and other possibilities. I had fallen so many times in the past, so why let myself go through that again? Sure, the pain was there and will always stay, but life should be more than that. Life is more than that. With the support and love from people I care, I managed to push myself to stand upright and walk forwards again. The end I had imagined was no longer the conclusion, but a start to a fresh new chapter in life.

At the end of the day, what matters most is doing what you actually love and being good at doing what you love. You can pursue science, art, history, linguistics or even music. It does not matter where you do it or when you do it; long as the passion is in the heart and soul. Decisions do not come easy, neither do success and happiness. Do not stop at where your grades allowed you to; it is your turn to lead your life with your other strengths.


And that was our third sister (HEHE), Phoenix, with a little look into what she her A’level and after A’level experience was like. At the end of the day, it’s what you love that matters. Whatever comes your way, just remember that you can always turn things around, In sha Allah, with His will and your efforts.

The last letter will be next week! Are you ready for it? It’s going to be the longest one yet! See you next time?

Much love, Iween. xo. ♡



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