Sometimes, I just-


I like to think that I’m a generally happy person. But sometimes, I just- am not. Sometimes, I’m anything but.

Sometimes, it only takes a photo, a sentence, a word to break me into pieces. Sometimes, negative thoughts come out of the blue to eat away all other thoughts in my head and it’s like there’s nothing good left. Sometimes, my chest feels tight, my heart starts beating wildly and tears start falling no matter how much I try to blink them away and I suffocate.

Sometimes, it’s none of these things at all but sometimes it’s all these things and more.

I was feeling down a couple of days ago and thought that it might be a good idea to share a little note or two, that came out of it.

One. These days will come. And when they do, a mini crying session never hurts. In fact, forget ‘mini’ – cry your eyes out if you have to. Go all out.

Two. But once your done (minutes later, hours after, days weeks months if you will!), never stop trying to find ways to be happy again.

Whether that means watching your favourite movies (HSM and Love, Rosie for me), sending voice notes back and forth between your friends (I sang on the voice notes I sent to my friends), singing at the top of your lungs (maybe Rihanna’s Take A Bow? at least that’s what I sang) or talking to a camera (or on snapchat, if that makes any difference because funnily, that’s what worked for me) – whatever makes you happy once more, just do it (right, Nike?).

Feel free to feel but promise that you won’t just leave it there. Because always (nope, not sometimes), I think happiness is worth it.

With love, Iween.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes, I just-

  1. Waalaikumussalam Iween.
    I personally feel this post touches and reaches to me on a deep level (hahha) because I was going through the same things these past few months. I somehow always had this “crying-it-out session” after going through a bad day (or sometimes because of no reason! Really, unreasonable but still reasonable) hahah or otherwise I would have what I self-claimed as an emotional outbreak (which happens once and made my friends worried/I was surprised as well because it was quite hysterical and i swear its not a good feeling to go through). So, its okay to feel. It doesnt mean you’re weak. There’s a drive in every action, and I believe so does “feeling”.
    From my experience, IT IS okay to lift that caged feeling and actually breathe.
    Its okay to let it out.

    Multiple YES to those suggestions to cheer ourselves up ^^
    Get a hug or talk about it to anyone help as well.
    Dont stay in that sad place for too long ;)
    All the best.

    -I think you know who


    1. Yes, I have those days when I cry out for no reason, too – so I know how that feels and I think it’s definitely NOT unreasonable; those days just come sometimes and it’s completely normal (IMO). Crying never means weakness :)

      Thank you <3
      (Yes, I DO know who you are. Thank you!!!)


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