Catching Up


A one month semester break meant catching up

Catching up with all kinds of things I’ve been wanting to do for the last four months – like getting immersed in new books, binge-watching Korean dramas with my sister, taking up new crochet projects and fixing all my cravings and anticipations.

Two New Reads

I read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart on the flight back home (and finished it in the weeks after, oops). I’m not a huge fan of the writing style but there were moments when the writing was so beautiful and poetry-like that I just had to keep reading. It’s pretty slow for a suspense novel but towards the end, things got really interesting so I say, give it a go!

I also read Patrick Ness’ The Rest of Us Just Live Here. This book is a contemporary and fantasy mix about the underdogs. I think that’s what I love about it so much – because it’s a story about characters you don’t get to read about so much. Patrick Ness (who I also raved about here) is epic. His work just blows me away, honestly. The writing style, the storyline, the characters – so unique and fun, I wish more people would read his books so that I have a friend to endlessly chat with about his stunning work!

Charming Soldiers, Cheeky Doctors and an Arrogant Prince

I finally got the chance to catch up with Kdramas this month so of course I immediately went for Descendants of the Sun. 

Featuring an amazing (and amazing-looking? HEHE. kidding. jokes. sorry I just had to) cast playing unforgettable characters with a zillion iconic scenes and filming that’s reminiscent of high budget films, DOTS is a total gem. The storyline wasn’t always A+ but it kept me on my feet watching, nonetheless. Loved it!

There was one drama I just had to watch no matter how old it was and that was Rooftop Prince. This is the kind of drama that I usually go for – lighthearted, sweet and with unique storylines. Rooftop Prince was all that and more! it’s pretty cheesy (especially as it’s quite an old drama), but after it ended I was genuinely sad because my sister and I were both so immersed into the story and I had really grown to love the characters! (excuse me while I go sob over omurice and yogurette)

Covered by AnNisa

I was so happy when I found out that local brand Covered by AnNisa was opening a store in Giant. So two weeks after coming back, I excitedly went in their store for the first time and got myself one of their newest creations, the Airis Twist in a pretty Maroon shade.

The Airis Twist is an instant, pinless shawl and is probably the best (and favourite) purchase I’ve made so far. I loved it so much that I went back a week later to get myself two more of it in the colours Hazelnut and Navy Blue! I can just imagine how easy it would be for me to take if off and put it back on for wudhu when at uni! Bless!

More Catch Ups

I also got to catch up with crochet (I know – how could I have left my crochet stuff back home?!), do a little bit of baking, eat food that I’ve been craving for and spend a lot of down time with friends, family and cats – all the catch ups I’ve been meaning to do now done. And just in time for my second semester in university (which starts next week, yikes! Please lend me your prayers!).

Till the next post!

With love, Iween.



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