August Snippets


It’s hard to believe that a month has passed since I got back in Brisbane – it feels way too long for it to only have been a month. The price of homesickness, huh? But between all the bouts of I-want-to-go-home and uni-is-crushing-me’s, August still saw some really fun moments!

Shooting Arrows & A Bruneian Celebration

photo (left) credit to Rabiah

The first Saturday in August, I got to do something I never thought I would get to do – archery! A fellow Malaysian brought her archery gear and I tried it out with some of my friends. Can’t say that I’ll volunteer to be the next Katniss Everdeen but I definitely enjoyed the experience! (by the way, to the people who can shoot arrows while riding on horses: how?!).

The next day, Bruneians in Brisbane went to QUT to celebrate His Majesty’s 70th birthday as well as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Sometimes, all it takes is having good food (many thank yous for satisfying my Bruneian-food deprived palette with the yummy curry & kuih-muih!), good friends (you guys know who you are, I’m sure!), a gazillion photos & a touch of that Bruneian spirit to turn a Sunday into a good day.

A Night At Ekka

If ever you want to come to Brisbane, August would be one of the best times to because that is the month when Ekka happens. Ekka is a week-long celebration where among many other things, there are fireworks, fun rides and a chance to enjoy what it’s like to go to a festival (I thought of it like that appearing and disappearing festival in Heroes!). We went there at night, right before the shows started.

Having sat in front, we got a clear view of the performing horses and cowboys, the hot wheels and motorcycle tricks – and my favourite yet, the fireworks!

Accompanied by music, the fireworks’ show was something I’ve never seen before. They were gorgeous (although I have to be honest, I had to shield my eyes most of the time because of how close we were to them (and to be more honest, my slight fear of fireworks)). My favourite part is as shown in the photos where they had kite-like sparks flying in the air, propelled by their vehicles. So pretty!

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do in these kinds of events is play the stall games and win myself a doll – so that’s just what I did! I tried this basketball game (where the person let me shoot right in front of the basket so I could easily win. thanks, lady! haha) and won myself a penguin doll (I mean of course I’d go for the penguin. otherwise, I wouldn’t be me)! It’s so adorable and it now sits on my bed with my other very much loved penguin. HEHE.

photo (left) credit to Zurai

The rest of the night was spent walking around and looking at the rides that were there – ‘looking at’ because I didn’t ride any. My housemate went on a ride that spun 360 degrees in the air (yep). Two other friends went into the haunted house (outside of which there was a guy dressed up as Freddie Kruger who I honestly couldn’t look at for long because I was too afraid that he would scare me – which, at some point, he did, by the way). As for me? I’m more of the take-pictures-of-the-rides kind of girl. HA. (I eyed the merry go round tho because, well, who doesn’t?).

Overall, Ekka night was one of my favourites this month!

A Pastel Tea Party Birthday


photo credit to Zurai

Another favourite this month is the day that myself and several other Bruneian students threw a pastel-themed tea party/birthday for Aimi on the 21st. Birthday celebrations in themselves are always fun. Add in a pastel (pastel!) theme, yummy food, cute decorations and even cuter people (/wink) and you’ve got yourself set for a right old good time.

Sitting in a circle, we shared our prayers and wishes for Aimi (#goals), ate a delicious lunch and played a game of Two Truths and One Lie. Time went by like nothing and soon we were goofing around, taking advantage of the pretty surroundings to take pictures. (note: pastel hues make for the prettiest pictures).

photo (left) credit to Zurai. photo (right) credit to Zemah

Look at the food! (Apologies if I made you hungry). I made the brownies with the cute little party flags (the flags courtesy of Muttahad House girls) and I’m so happy that it was enjoyed all around! I made them using Zoe’s recipe and it’s my favourite recipe yet – chewy in the inside and crispy on the outside. In other words, the kind of brownies I would stick my head into, given the chance.

I especially loved that we got to just sit down and bond that day. It’s the little things, guys. The little things.

And Everything Else In Between

There were also many other precious moments that really brought this month into full circle. Like the night filled with laughter from trying to do what was supposed to be a serious uni assessment. And the day we watched Train to Busan (amazing movie, by the way. 10/10 definitely exceeded expectations! I can’t remember a time in the movie when I wasn’t immersed, emotional and biting my nails with nerves and excitement). And the night we had dinner together, watching Age of Youth (my favourite Korean drama out of the ones I’m currently watching! It gives me all the feels that I haven’t gotten from kdramas in a while so yes, I am loving it very much!). And the day we went to Southbank to chill, play Pokemon Go (Tiqah) and read a book (me). These were the moments that really made my days brighter. Alhamdulillah for the blessings.

I’ll be sharing a few other exciting things on this blog soon, as well. (You have no idea how excited I am to share them!). Till then, Assalamualaikum.

With love, Iween.


2 thoughts on “August Snippets

  1. Waalaikumussalam,
    You dont know how much this post made me smiling. I am glad you had fun (lots of them I can see). Goshh, that looks like festivals that I could only watch on the tv xD looks fun and that doll you got, that is so adorable.
    I havent seen any fireworks lately (missed the one held during HM’s celebration yang arh tutong this year ) and seriously those looks gorgeous.
    I had a feeling you made that chocolatey-cake-alike (before i know its a brownie) hehe .
    Hope there’s more to come for your share of fun there hehe. All the best cupcake ^^


    1. Aw, your comments are always the sweetest :’)
      I’m sure those festival days will come in the near future, In sha Allah. Amiin HEHE.
      YES, the fireworks were beautiful. I wished I wasn’t sitting so close up front so that I could actually enjoy them rather than cower and shield myself from them, haha!
      Amiin, In sha Allah. All the best to you too!


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