August Owlcrate Unboxing


So I was reading through book blogs one day and in the midst of ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the books, I discovered this amazing creation called Owlcrate (cue the holy background music).

Owlcrate is a monthly subscription box where you get a hardcover book and a few other bookish goodies according to that month’s theme. Immediately after discovering it and watching a very exciting unboxing, I went ahead and made my first order for August. I was so excited the days following my order (which I didn’t keep quiet on snapchat, on my housemates and friends, nope because EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD). And when it came much earlier than expected, I was feeling all the feels and I unboxed it on skype with my family (which meant I had to wait for a few hours after getting the box before I got to open it. I was so patient, I’m so impressed. HAHA) (cue the squeals of a fangirl).

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The theme for August was Fast Times at YA High. For August, they hinted that there would be a book with a hilarious love story, a Harry Potter fanart (!!) and a little something for Eleanor & Park fans. Being a sucker for love stories/contemporary reads and an always very eager Potterhead, I knew I would just love this box even before it came!

And yeap, I LOVED IT!

The book featured for the month of August was P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. It’s a hardcover copy (let the prettiness of that book jacket sink in first before I tell you how equally pretty the book itself was – it’s white with a pink spine and had the title of the book engrossed into the cover. so. pretty.) and it came along with mini coloured pencils, a signed bookplate and a letter from the author. The book was already a fun read on its own (book review coming soon, In sha Allah) so add in these exclusive goodies and you got one smiling, satisfied book nerd over here!

ocaug5This beautiful artwork of the Golden Trio was made by Susanne Draws. I squealed when I saw this – because LOOK AT IT. I have yet to read the whole Harry Potter books (I know, I’m disappointed in myself too! Soon, I will, In sha Allah. I’m eyeing the collection with the Hogwarts castle on the spines! /wicked smile/) but a lot of people say that this fanart is a perfect representation of the trio according to the books. I just- I love it. Enough said. There’s also a Hogwarts is My Home button created by Taryn Draws which I also absolutely adore. (It’s going on my uni bag ASAP).


(Unpopular opinion coming in 3, 2…). Included in this box is an Eleanor & Park necklace based on the couple from Rainbow Rowell’s book. It has a vintage vibe to it, with the couple’s photo in a little circle thing (A+ for effort in description, Iween) and a cassette charm – this necklace is an Owlcrate original and is exclusive for this box!

So, unpopular opinion here but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the book when I read it a few years ago. SO many people loved it & are obsessed with the couple in the book which makes me feel bad for not liking it (at all) but I just was not feeling it. Maybe I’ll give it another go one day and see if I feel any different.

ocaug2The last few items in this box were a mini adult colouring book, a decomposition notebook (which is made from recycled pages, with bicycles on the cover and it’s in the perfect pocket size and yeah, I love it!) and a Chapter Raptor button (you can’t see from the photo well – apologies! But it’s a dinosaur reading a book with the words Chaptor Raptor over its head. I know – so cheeky, right? It’s also going on my uni bag).

And that’s it for my August Owlcrate Unboxing. I’m really happy that I subscribed to this box – so worth it! I’m opting out of the September box (the theme is darkness and it’s still available on their website, go get it Miss Peregrine’s books fans!) but I might order more boxes afterwards depending on the theme (hoping that October’s theme would match up with my birthday because EEEP, how great would that be?). Till the next post!

With love, Iween.


4 thoughts on “August Owlcrate Unboxing

  1. D’awww so glad you decided to get an owlcrate! And I’m happy you enjoyed the items and the experience! Lol, I actually haven’t read Eleanor and Park yet because I read a preview and it just didn’t seem like the kind of book I would like xD


    1. I can’t believe it took me so long to reply – apologies! :(
      Yes, I loved the box and am very much in love with Owlcrate and the community in general – so great.
      My friend got me to read it and I thought I would enjoy it, but I didn’t, haha! Definitely more into that fantasy world – but I’m going to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell soon since a lot of my friends say it’s the best Rainbow’s written. Have you read it before?


  2. Waalaikumussalam.
    I can actually hear your squealing voice Iween XD!!
    I have heard of this crate thing this year (and also from people studying overseas *laughs*) and I am so jealous. seriously it must be nice if the content is full of surprises (and usually it is) cause I think most are unavailable for shipping back to here haha
    but anyways so happy for you, hope you had fun with them . I especially love yang theres alot of merchs of the book like the button, artwork etc.


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