September Snippets


September, the month of getting swamped with assignment deadlines, fighting the stress of university and of life in general, was a tough month. But with the promise of mid-semester break at the end of it (which, if you ask me, is a very long overdue break), some good days have come at last!

It’s Spring!

If you know me, you would know just how crazy I get when it comes to flowers. September in Brisbane is the start of Spring – the season of blooming beauties, a.k.a the season of my dreams! (/squeals).

This is my first time experiencing Spring and it warms my heart seeing all the pretty flowers when I’m out and about. And that they are almost always accompanied by the cutest species of birds as well – MashaAllah. Very blessed to get to experience them. HEHE. Alhamdulillah.

The 18th

Yaasin and Al-Fatihah for my late brother, whose birthday lies on the 18th of September. I miss you…

May Allah place you among those who will enter Paradise. Amiin, Amiin, Ya Rabbal Al Amiin.

Korean Night

On the night of the first day of mid-semester break, my friends and I had a Korean-themed night. Or should I say, Korean-food night (because we didn’t have anything else Korean-related on that day, haha!).


photo credit to Zemah

Featuring Bibimbap, Japchae and Gyeranmari courtesy of Tiqah. We also had Jeon made by Nora, Matcha Banana Fusion Cake by Najeeb, freshly juiced watermelon and strawberries by Zemah and my brownies! This is my first time tasting Korean food and I’m glad I experienced it with such happy a bunch as all of the people I’ve mentioned!

We had dinner together and played a game of Heads Up (which had me bent over with laughter because of the dance moves involved and the effort we put in trying to act out everything) and Pictionary (where I learned that I had the worst drawing skills among everyone else and that Peter Pan is one of the hardest things to explain/guess in a drawing ever).

All in all, it was a truly great start for mid-semester break!

Barbecue at Guyatt Park

photo (right) credit to Nora

We’ve been wanting to have a barbecue since last semester and finally had one on Monday, the 26th (which, having just looked it up on the calendar, happens to be Family Day! That makes things 10x cuter, honestly).

We spent the evening grilling chicken (& of the like), eating and taking pictures, with Shawn Mendes’ music in the background (pretty sure his music made our bbq day out a tad bit better, haha!). The sky was beautiful (thus the dark lighting to show just how beautiful. Look at those golden and purple hues. MashaAllah!) and everything felt very peaceful (with only bouts of laughter breaking the silence because none of us can stand even a minute without laughing over something – trust me, we’ve tried).

We then prayed Maghrib and Isyak together (Alhamdulillah) and spent the rest of the night watching X Men Apocalypse (have I ever mentioned how big a fan of X Men I am? I’m all about that X Men world, guys. All about it) and Mulan (just now realizing how contrasting those two movies are, haha!).

Yet another great evening/night spent with the gang.

A Trip To The Garden…

On the last day of September, perhaps the best day of the month, we went on a trip to the garden – and because it was such a lovely day, I’m dedicating a whole post for it that will come up soon, In sha Allah. HEHE.

This can be counted as a cliffhanger, right? Ah, cliffhangers are so-

Till then! Assalamualaikum.

With love, Iween.


3 thoughts on “September Snippets

  1. Waalaikumussalam,
    Alhamdulillah hehe, you have so many wonderful friends over there to support you and all / look at all these things you have done in a month! And truly, they all look like so muuch fun ;)
    Happy October Iween <3


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