Trip to Mount Coot-tha Botanic Garden


On the last day of September, we went to Mount Coot-tha Botanic Garden – finally! And with it being as sunny and beautiful a day as it was when we went there, the planning, the wait and the trip there was absolutely worth it.


Dan Tuhanmu mengilhamkan kepada lebah, “Buatlah sarang di gunung-gunung, di pohon-pohon kayu, dan di tempat-tempat yang dibikin manusia, kemudian makanlah dari segala (macam) buah-buahan lalu tempuhlah jalan Tuhanmu yang telah dimudahkan (bagimu).” Dari perut lebah itu keluar minuman (madu) yang bermacam-macam warnanya, di dalamnya terdapat ubat yang menyembuhkan bagi manusia. Sesungguhnya, pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda (kebesaran Allah) bagi orang yang berpikir.
[An-Nahl, ayat 68-69]

I’m not sure if you see it, but there’s a bee in the picture above (I tried to get as close as possible to focus the shot on the bee. And given that I’m terrified of bees and would normally be running and screaming, this was the closest shot I could have taken – and I’m pretty proud of it /wipes tears off face dramatically/). When I saw the bee (and before my fight or flight instinct kicked off), the ayat above came to mind. I remember the first time reading the translation of that ayat and feeling an immense kind of love pouring out of me – it was an ayat I thought about a lot and has stuck with me. I love it. MashaAllah…

Because this bee is among the first things I encountered on the trip, and the ayat hit me the way it did, the mood for the rest of the trip was set – everything was beautiful, serene, happy.

We walked past fields of flowers – purple, red, pink, yellow! All the colors in one, at full brightness (/wink) (any Finch and Violet girls/boys here?).

photo (right) credit to Zemah

This side of the botanical garden we went to had cacti everywhere with tall stalks of beautiful yellow flowers and a walkway of rocks. Walking up the rocky walkway, we found ourselves in a space that was perfect for taking pictures. Just look at that gorgeous clear blue sky – it makes a lovely background and a wonderful sight for all to see!

Peeking in at the background of the picture to the right is the tropical display dome – which, not going to lie, is one of the reasons we chose to go to this botanical garden in particular. Which you will find out why pretty soon…

Inside the tropical display dome, as the name itself suggests, were more plants. The heat was beyond me – so hot. But the sight pretty much made up for that because minutes later, we found ourselves taking turns getting photos taken with the majestic-looking dome in the background.

photo credit to Nora

This is by far, one of my favourite shots taken from that day. Nora had me (attempt to) twirl my skirt and despite feeling absolutely out of my zone, the photos turned out well and I ended up loving them. This one especially!

Quick tip for anyone planning to go to gardens (or anywhere else that is just as gorgeous), be sure to take Zemah and Nora with you because the photos that they take are amazing. Also because they’re a joy to be with, as well as Tiqah. HEHE!

featuring the Chair and bats (that are not real, no worries!)

We found this Chair (yes, capital C Chair) in the Fern Garden and by the picture alone, I think you can guess how pretty creepy it was. It had legs and arms and a face so serene we decided to copy it in our pictures with it – so funny.


We then went into the Japanese Garden, which was peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed strolling through the garden what with the calm, streaming lakes and the sight of the beautiful plants – much love!

I’m pretty sure that you can click on the photos to enlarge them (please do!). I find the structures were both simple and yet very pretty. I especially love the picture on the bottom right – it’s a delicate fireflies structure that I think really sums up that simplicity and prettiness thing going on. Just lovely.


We were planning to go in and nosy around in the Planetarium (I mean, who wouldn’t want to just by looking at it from the outside? seriously, WHOA) but it was closed (cue the sad faces). Still, we’ll probably go back there again someday just to see the planetarium, In sha Allah. HEHE.

The day ended on a high note – with us going for dinner at the Satay Club (the dry noodle with special sauce is my favourite!) and then going to the movies to watch (drumrolls) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (something we’ve all been really excited to watch). The movie was great – loved the peculiarity and the characters and the LOLs.

And that was where our day out ended! I definitely recommend going to Mt Coot-tha’s Botanic Garden to any flower lovers (or nature-lovers. or lovers of Allah’s beautiful creations. humans in general, really). Evenings spent looking at these beauties, with good friends and cameras (don’t forget your cameras, folks!) are evenings spent well. So I encourage you to go for it, HEHE.

Till the next post!

Much love, Iween.


4 thoughts on “Trip to Mount Coot-tha Botanic Garden

  1. waalaikumussalam Iween
    Seriously gorgeous (><) and yesh, I love all the photos (and must I mention you look so adorable in those photo!) and /salute you for taking the bee picture haha/ I would run screaming.
    A calm place surrounded by nature would be a perfect place if I have to pick for this chaotic month XD!
    I think you would love "Garden By the Bay" in Singapore. It has a large botanic garden, sky trees (and enjoy the view of the garden from above) and although it is really hot they had a bonus place which is the two domes (cause its cool inside). You have to pay though but trust me its worth it. They had two kinds one yang tropical and the other is like a large garden. I love the air inside the dome and honestly i could live there. The tropical ones is very fun to walk as they have a kind of bridges all over the dome (do look it up and put in your next nature trip list XD).

    cant wait to hear more from you!


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