Once Upon A Dream with Owlcrate


photo credit to Nora

When Owlcrate announced that the theme for their October box was Once Upon A Dream – featuring a book with magical elements, and bookish goodies inspired by Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz, I was all in (except not as casually as it sounds because I squealed with excitement and was a mad happy penguin going around talking about this amazingness to anyone with ears).

I am a fairytale-loving girl and this box sounded absolutely perfect!


photo credit to Nora

With every Owlcrate box (since August), there was an exclusive badge. This month’s badge is of the spindle from Sleeping Beauty – which has now joined the two other badges I’ve received from Owlcrate on my bag. I’m starting a collection here!

The box included a Peter Pan inspired beanie from Whosists & Whatsits – which I tried on while wearing my tudung and though I knew it probably looked funny, I have loved it ever since. It’s really well made and is simple yet adorable!

Another item included in the box is a fabric button bookmark from My Heart My Tribe – which I now use to mark my planner pages. Again, another handmade item that was made beautifully. I heard that different boxes got different fabric and mines is a black and white polka dotted one. I don’t know if I say this enough but I am a sucker for polka dots so the bookmark really suits me, HEHE. There’s also another (promotional) bookmark included in the box which says “Be Strong Survive – Team Phoenix” which is from a book series called New World Rising by Jennifer Wilson.

The box also came with a Sleeping Beauty inspired bangle bracelet (the one I’m wearing in the shot above) by The Geeky Cauldron and Owlcrate. I’ve been wearing it lovingly ever since I saw it (which says enough about how much I love it, I’m sure!). It comes with three charms – a blue little gem, a spindle (which I actually, unfortunately lost. sobs sobs) and a Once Upon A Dream charm.

photo (left) credit to Nora

Let’s go to Oz! Okay so let’s do a bit of storytime here : before I flew to Aussie for my studies, my friends and I had this discussion about “Oz” (as in Oh-Zee) and they were asking me “which part of Australia is that?” because they thought Oz referred to a name of a place in Australia when really Oz is short-form for Aussie a.k.a Australia in itself!

It cracks me up everytime I think back to that conversation and when I saw this Wizard of Oz pocket notebook (disguised as a pretty little passport) by The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, I couldn’t help but laugh  (and cry a bit because MEMORIES).

The notebook is adorable and it has these set of travelers’ tips at the back – all related to Wizard of Oz, like “Follow the yellow brick road” – which I think was really clever. It made me feel really nostalgic and kinda makes me want to re-read (and actually finish) Wizard of Oz (I read it when I was little). Such a classic!


photo credit to Nora

And last but of course not least, is the book of the month – Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. The book is a YA fantasy/magical realism based on Russian folklore about ‘magic that happens in the middle of the night’. I’ve heard the story is dark and bizarre, cackling with magic and has a beautiful narrative – and yeap, you’ve guessed it: already, I am sold on this book. I haven’t read it yet but I’m itching to pick it up soon!

The book came with a signed bookplate (which I’ve only recently learned is actually a sticker that you can stick onto the book and it’ll be considered a signed copy – whaattt how cool?!!), a letter from the author & a Vassa in the Night tattoo (oh what to do with this one, haha!).

All in all, I definitely loved Owlcrate’s October box and I am SUPER excited for their November boxes. The theme is WONDERLAND and features a limited edition cover of a YA fantasy retelling – a book that is very highly anticipated that I know of already because I was going to pre-order it. But as soon as Owlcrate announced that they will be including the book with a beautiful exclusive cover, I decided to go for Owlcrate instead (and phew, sigh of relief here because I nearly pre-ordered the book AND BOY WOULD I HAVE MISSED OUT PLENTY RIGHT?). Plus, Wonderland themed bookish goodies? YES PLEASE, OWLCRATE. (if you can’t tell from the excessive use of capslock here, I am really beyond myself in excitement!)

Before I end this post, I just want to give a shoutout to Nora for helping me take these pictures for my Owlcrate unboxing! Thank you for putting up with me and for your incredibly creative input! The photos turned out beautifully and I had lots of fun being in the fairytale zone as well, HEHE. So much love!

Till the next post!

With love, Iween.


5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Dream with Owlcrate

  1. waalaikumusssalam <3 omg fairy-tale theme? and the next one is wonderland? What more could you ask for? Even I would get excited (more so since its always filled with surprises and lovely things). I love the passport to Oz notebook. That is so cute!! Lemme know whats in the November box too!! Seriously I love this kind of stuffs but I am not good at keeping stuffs (in their best condition) so sadly. But I totally enjoy looking at them !

    P/s: Its really great to have someone take such lovely photos for you..they are so lovely and you're such a great model too XD



    1. I know right? How perfect are the themes for these two months??Yes, the notebook is adorable! I have to find a really good use for it! Will In sha Allah share November’s box on the blog too! HEHE.

      Aww, thank you <3


  2. SOUNDS AMAZING???????? OMG I LOVE IT. I love fairy tales and wonderland too omg this is such a wonderful gift to get for yourself every month <3 I daresay you'd look cute in the beanie dont worry ;)


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