Getaway to KL: A Diary


Five days away – but not away from home. Away from Brunei for a while, yes; staying in a different place for a while, yes – but not away from home. Because this time, home came with me. My mom, my dad, my sister and me altogether – home in the flesh, home in two pieces of luggage and home under my skin where in the place of my heart, there was, for once in quite a while now, ease and comfort and peace.

I brought home with me for a five-days getaway to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We came for a relative’s wedding – which was a beautiful event for a perfectly matched couple and I was swooning over the happy smiles seen on the day. The trip was expanded to four more days where we got to spend time together. A little getaway.

For the first two days, we stayed at Philea hotel resort which had a spectacular view – one whose beauty couldn’t have been captured enough with just these photos, but you can imagine.

I especially loved this area just by where the food are served (only partly because it’s just by where the food are served), what with the pole of signs (it’s a common, simple thing but it screamed Wonderland at my face), the stone pathway and the whole picturesque surroundings.

And while being at the Philea hotel resort offered a beautiful scenery, we didn’t have a lot of options to shop there (we had a favourite place to shop, you see). BUT. We happened to be very lucky to have been only a five minutes walk away from the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale – a sale that I knew from some Malaysian booktubers I’ve watched and had no idea I would have an opportunity to actually go to.


The book sale was held at an exhibition room (I’d call it a warehouse) that was filled, length breadth width, with books with prices as low as RM10 – simply put, jackpot. I have never been so overwhelmed with the sight of so many books and so many people navigating their way through crowds to get to said books.

With sore feet and minutes ticking to midnight, I went straight for the Young Adult section and began picking through the chaotic mess of books, eyes wide open to find any treasures awaiting. I found books that were a continuation of two series that I also got on sale as well as two other books that sounded amazing so I knew I just had to get them.

They also sold posters which I thought was cool! And they put bought books into plastic bags that read ‘and they read happily ever after’ – oh, yes, you bet I will. I’ve come to find that Big Bad Wolf sales are probably the best things for bookworms (and I secretly hope that we can go to another one of their sales again next time. In sha Allah HEHE).

We then spent the next three days at the Gardens hotel, which was next to our favourite shopping mall. These days were spent munching on good food, ooh-ing over pretty things, and going from one shop to another in search of even more hidden treasures.

It just so happened that the hidden treasures I found were in shelves of books (surprise, surprise), a cute shop with a huge, huggable penguin (now gracefully named Egerton, after the Kingsman actor that I adore, Taron Egerton) and in good food made great with the right company.

I also, unexpectedly, got myself a funko pop figure – a Luna Lovegood one because Luna Lovegood. And I got a Disney mystery box which contained Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast – I was so happy to get him out of all the other possible Disney characters (Belle an exception) because BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. I squealed and hopped in excitement – which actually, funnily, led me into getting a discount! (Thank you shopkeeper!)

And so that was what my little getaway to KL was like – ‘legs hurting, bags filling and wallets thinning’ as my Mom put it. I loved being able to get away for just a while – this time bringing home with me, so not a second away felt like I was being torn into two (the way I always felt while being away from Brunei home-less before).

Did you go on a getaway trip recently?

Before I end this post, I want to say that this is part one of the seven series of posts that I’m going to share on this blog for the rest of the week – why? Because I was inspired by Zoe and her #24DaysofZoella feat, and I felt like challenging myself a little bit on the blog. For fun!

Look out for the next six posts that will be on the blog. Till then!

With love, Iween.


2 thoughts on “Getaway to KL: A Diary

  1. Waalaikumussalam,
    That sounds soo much fun ><
    I rlly adore that penguin btw. Thats just the most adorable thing I have ever seen. And that mystery box that ended up being a beauty and the beast characters? Adding Luna from Harry Potter's, I dont have anything to say other than "That is just so Yours truly ".

    Really happy for you for the wonderful time spent well with your family at KL XD and ooooh I cant wait for the rest of the post in the series!!


    1. My penguin Egerton says THANK YOU! hahaha, it is so huggable and I’m glad I bought it! And yes, a Beauty and the Beast character from a mystery box was a lucky one! Thank you <3


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