leaky skies & eyes, with a handful of sunshine | february snippets


In the first half of February, it was all rain and gloom in Brunei. Rain-filled mornings and windy nights. When the weather went back to normal on the second half of the month, I was the one who became rain and gloom.

But while the skies cried a lot (and I joined in), there were still days and moments that stood out and were made better with maroon shawls, pink umbrellas and technicolor company.

Wednesdays with Wendy @ The Rosie Grammar

Second Wednesday of the month and I had a post up – talking about what beauty means to me, and dedicated to something that I hold close to my heart. But this post went up not here at home on Wendystrucked, but elsewhere – a blog I’ve been reading since it’s first days’ up and (obviously) one of my favourites – The Rosie Grammar.

Being given the opportunity to write as guest blogger on Zahra’s blog was an honour – and loads of fun especially as I got to play around with editing the photos in a way I’ve never done before. You can read the post here!

Covered By AnNisa

Covered by AnNisa has caught my heart and I can’t say it enough. This Bruneian brand is amazing – for their beautiful designs as well as their customer service, but most of all because of their purpose. They prioritize faith over fashion, and do so wonderfully.

I went into their store multiple times (read: almost every week) over the three months of my semester break in Brunei and stocked up a lot of their goodies along the way. I went in there so much so that I got myself a Covered Girl Passport and sweet little mentions on their Instagram. Their pink umbrellas gave colour to my gloomy days, and I am super grateful to them for it. (And yes, I am in love with each and every purchase I got from them).

Second Year

While days have been colourful and happy and exciting for the first half of February, things started to wane over the second half. And one of the main reasons was because my three months summer break in Brunei was over, and that I had to go back to Brisbane for the second year of my studies.

You can probably imagine why I became rain, gloom and have this post up much later than planned.

The second year of my studies have come, and though the first couple of weeks were hectic what with settling in to a new house, and trying to orient myself to what seems to be the start of a much busier semester and year than I’ve had before, there were definitely some golden points and silver linings.

But those are stories that I’ll save for another day. In sha Allah.

For now, I’ll leave this post here, 10 days after the day I planned for it to initially go up on the blog, and filled with enough positivity that I am delightful to have it off my shoulders and read it back. Till the next one, In sha Allah.

How was your February?



4 thoughts on “leaky skies & eyes, with a handful of sunshine | february snippets

  1. Waalaikumussalam,

    Alhamdulillah glad you’ve had wonderful silver linings in your rainy days! I totally understand the whole blog senior thing oh my goodness congrats againnnnnnn.

    Can’t wait to read how your march is holding up!


  2. Waalaikumussalam Iween!
    I hope you have settled with the things around your new houses and all. Get enough rest too! More than anything I hope you take care of yourself .
    Just the other day I commented on how pretty the outfit a friend of mine was wearing and she told me it was from Covered By Annisa and we pretty much had a conversation (at least listening on my part) about their designs and about fashion designers in Brunei generally. It was interesting to know and amazing too. I have yet to step my foot there /huhu but hopefully soon enough!

    Again, I hope you’re doing great. Send your new address eh? ehhehe

    Love, Ani


    1. Hi, hi! <3
      Thank you. Alhamdulillah mostly settled in sudah now. Just need to get used to everything and In sha Allah hope that the strangeness of living in a new house wanes down soon, hehe.
      Aw, Covered by AnNisa have beautiful designs. I love their attention to details and how simple their designs turn out but still very pretty as well as convenient for Muslimahs. I definitely salute them with their wondrous work. You should go there soon, hehe.


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