film obsessions, playground antics & autumn diaries | march snippets


March felt short. But unlike the many short months that came before, March did not fell short. It entailed catching up with university work, indulging in shows and soundtracks, and a lot of emotion.

Film Obsession

My love for Korean dramas was at its peak when I came back to Brisbane – and I think it might have had a little (or maybe a lot) to do with who I was watching my dramas with.

When my friend, Rabi and I started watching Introverted Boss, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But five days of binge-watching, sleep-deprived nights and an obsession that meant listening to the drama’s OST on repeat and talking about the drama all the time was definitely not what we expected.

But that’s what happened.

We were hooked. And here I am, almost a month after the last episode later, still feeling withdrawals from what has got to be my favourite drama yet. But the film obsession did not end with Introverted Boss.

Photo 25-3-17, 9 52 23 pm

photo credit to Aimi

Beauty and the Beast came out last March. And my love for Belle, and Beauty and the Beast, came to light. The film was magical – but that’s only to say the least.

I loved the addition of details and character backgrounds, but the music was what had me sold. I spent days and nights humming the tunes from the movie (read: singing along to the songs dramatically and with a lot of emotion), and have yet to stop obsessing over the soundtrack – it is so beautiful. And if you’re into musicals, Beauty and the Beast’s soundtrack is one you shouldn’t miss.

Playground Antics

I’m a kid at heart (though that’s an understatement).

And so when I went with the Muttahad girls to the park to get some blog shots (of which you’ll find on my second Wednesdays with Wendy post on The Rosie Grammar here) and spend some time outdoors, my kid heart and Introverted Boss-loving soul went crazy over the playground.

Photo 8-4-17, 1 22 00 pm

photo credit to Zemah

There’s a scene in Introverted Boss where the characters pretend that the playground is a theme park. And guess which two fanatics went ahead and recreated that scene the moment they saw the playground?

We did.

And it was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a playground since.

Autumn Diaries

Between all the university work and the film obsessions in March, there wasn’t much to say – at least that’s what I thought at first.

March is the start of Autumn here in Brisbane, Australia. And with the falling leaves, and longer, colder nights, I found that I have more to say about March, or more specifically, I have more to say about Autumn, than I had initially thought.

I’ve been working on a series of posts entitled The Autumn Diaries, that will, In sha Allah, make their way to Wendystrucked soon. They’re writings I wrote based on little things about Autumn and things that happened in March (all about those emotions!), and I hope to share more details about them in a separate post, before I go on to sharing the series altogether.

Till then, March has been lovely. And April, though you’ve started (and continue to be) rough, I hope that with writing the Autumn Diaries, there’ll be more optimistic days to come. In sha Allah.

How was your March?

With love, Iween.



8 thoughts on “film obsessions, playground antics & autumn diaries | march snippets

  1. I loved Beauty and the Beast too for the same reasons! Where were you with that rose in the glass? That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing. ^ ^


  2. Waalaikumussalam iween <3

    Another post that made me smile and frown-only because I HAVEN'T WATCH BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Sobs at the corner.

    Glad that you have settled in over there and have a month filled with music and something enjoyable to fill your days.
    Take care <3



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