three folds a snippet : a diary of the past three months


Dear Iween,

it’s the 7th of July as you’re writing this. it’s been three months since you last blogged, and three months of you wanting to blog. things happened in between and stories were left untold. so let’s catch you up. you mentioned Autumn Diaries in your most recent post and it was in the works for the first few weeks of April. you wrote and wrote but somehow those writings didn’t find their way here. that’s okay. because guess what? you went on adventures instead.

you see, April started with a bang. or should I say a symphony of all sorts?

Photo 1-4-17, 1 27 12 pm

you went with your friends to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to watch Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone in concert, accompanied by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. the experience entailed a bubbling excitement in the morning of April the 1st – an anticipation that worked its way up, up, up until the afternoon when the event started, and your toes tingled and your heart soared at the first few notes of an opening song that over the years has come to mean so much to you.

you found the whole experience mesmerizing. and oh that harp solo; its hauntingly beautiful tune is one you still think back to.

fast forward to the 17th where you fought off sleep and knocked on doors, up and ready so early in the morning to prepare food for your first ever road trip.

dressed in what’s now one of your favourite pieces of clothing – rust pink wide-legged dungarees – and a bright main statement of a smile, you chatted, sang and laughed alongside friends at the back seat of the car on the way to the first stop of the day: the Glass House Mountains Lookout.

Photo 17-4-17, 10 31 40 am

photo credit to Zurai

you stood there, breathed in the morning air, and looked out at the view. MashaAllah; God has Willed. that was the point where you thought to yourself, the long drive was absolutely worth it. you felt at ease with the calm and quiet that encompassed the vast blue of the sky, the luscious stretch of trees evergreen and the mountains’ silhouette peeking in the distance.

❝It is He who made the earth tame for you – so walk among its slopes and eat of His provision – and to Him is the resurrection.❞
[Al Mulk, 67:15] [Sahih International]

the next stop of the trip took you to the Australia Zoo, Home of the Crocodile Hunter.

you got to see an adorable red panda acting all cute around its carer, sweet little wombats that stole your heart with their slow walks and lazy chewing, cat-like tigers and sleepy crocodiles, free-roaming lemurs and smiling giraffes, and – would you have guessed it – koalas that smirked at you and kangaroos that comfortably hopped around you and had you pet them. all in all, the zoo trip was a good one.

the last stop of the night had you back in that serene space you needed after a long day out – Kuraby Mosque; your first time going to one in Brisbane, and oh how your heart soared again. Alhamdulillah; Praise be to God. you found yourself unwinding after the trip; the physical mental spiritual unwinding that was long overdue.

when you got back, the night stretched ahead and somehow you found yourself singing along to old tunes from David Archuleta and Taylor Swift, cheeks hurting from gleeful uncontrollable laughter of starting a workout session with your friends in the depths of the night. here is where the Hijabi fit fam was born – effective immediately the next morning when the four of you went out for a spontaneous morning jog past the lively streets of St Lucia and towards Toowong.

the adventures don’t end there. two days later, you went to the Boondall Ice Skating Rink and twirled your heart out – or at least attempted to.

Photo 20-4-17, 2 35 32 pm

ice skating turned out to be much harder than you thought it would be. you were glued to the railings, before mercifully getting yourself a penguin helper. and then you were glued to the penguin helper. it was only when the two hours’ slot was closing and people were making their way out did you finally, finally, skated penguin-helper-less the way out.

but that’s okay, because the two hours spent with Zaw and Rabi – getting excited over seeing your breaths in the cold of the ice skating rink, having each other to lean onto when you’re about to fall and hands to pull you right back up when you crash – were worthwhile.

Photo 9-7-17, 11 47 29 am

photo credit to Nora

the rest of April, you had a Thai night with your beloved NANAS (part two of your ongoing series of themed food nights) and crochet-filled days that trailed right after and until mid-semester break and April ended.

when May came, it came at full speed ahead.

it had you running against the clock, struggling to get assignments in on time and keeping your friendships afloat while also preserving your slowly trickling mountain of sanity. and meme intended, the struggle was real.

May also happen to be the time when you stumbled upon Dear Evan Hansen, and fell completely and utterly in love. it took your heart, it did; got you singing its tunes day and night, and looking up the plot and musical in any way you possibly can (in that determination, you actually managed to watch the whole musical miles and miles away from its Broadway stage). it also got you writing. narratives, stories, letter – of the like. this post in itself is inspired by it. and the main message of the musical is one that still echoes in your mind from time to time – you will be found. which, now looking back to May, the month of doors closing and feeling like you were so awfully and painfully alone, that was perhaps the best message you could have gotten.

Photo 22-5-17, 8 03 08 pm

and then in came June with its winter cold breeze, blessed longer nights and a renewed sense of wonderful, wonderful peace that can only be brought in by Ramadhan Al Kareem. Alhamdulillah; Praise be to God. 

Ramadhan this year was a much more meaningful one. people around you had you appreciating the month of fasting in a way you never had before, and it was beautiful. you achieved your yearly goal, Alhamdulillah, and that night was every bit as emotional as you had dreamed, deemed and wanted it to be.

you also went to Gold Coast this semester – and thank God because everyone’s been saying how it was about time you did. you went to Harbour Town and experienced the magic of its discounts and all it had to offer. and the next day you went to a book fair that might not have been as satisfying as you had wanted it to be but it was another wish granted.

and that very night, you finished packing your bags, feet aching and heart full, ready for the midnight flight to Singapore, before you would finally come back to home sweet home, on the first day of Raya.

the rest of June saw you meeting with the new member of the family cats, Mochi, and filling your days with a rerun of Introverted Boss (because you couldn’t help it), random board games and happy days of being where your heart feels at ease.

and dear Iween, as i’m writing this, i gotta say, these past three months, filled to the brim with adventures and trips, firsts and bests, goals made anew and goals met, were Alhamdulillah, ones to remember.

how have your months/days been?



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