The Blog


A creative venture in life & books, crafts & words.

Wendystrucked is a platform and outlet for creativity – in writing in particular, and everything else along that line.

Started in November 2015, Wendystrucked began as ‘A Penny for Her Thoughts’ and has since evolved into a place not only to share thoughts and snippets of life, but also as a place to write – and write creatively.

Named after the play on words of the pseudonym Wendy (based off of storyteller, Wendy Darling) and wonderstrucked (from a girl with the wonders of a child), Wendystrucked strives to tell stories, and explore and share life’s many wonders.

The Blogger


Behind it all, there was a dreamer.

My name is Iween, and I’m the writer behind Wendystrucked. I’m a Bruneian, Muslimah, crochet enthusiast, lover of written words, and aspiring psychologist (among many other things).

I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to blogging, and have only just started my venture towards creativity. And so, with Wendystrucked, I hope to make silly mistakes, and pride myself in failing – only so that I can make progress towards even sillier mistakes and fail more – but fail better.

I don’t aim to write perfect posts, but I do hope to create posts with lots of love, and posts that will make me happy.

The Posts


There were peaks, there were troughs; she found diamonds in the rough. 

Here are a few hand-picked posts from Wendystrucked that have been deemed as favourites – in terms of writing, message and content.

A list to fail 

On what it’s like to experience a creative block, and what it takes to find a way out of it. A List To Fail begins as a story, and ends with a lesson. This post is one that I consider to be the start of Wendystrucked’s venture towards creativity.

Getaway Part Two: A Verse

My first attempt on writing a verse – a string of words, a poet of sorts, lots of sentences and little sense (as far as writing goes). Short, sweet and loved plenty, Getaway Part Two: A Verse is a post where I let myself write freely and so, it holds a special spot in my heart (and the blog).

I’ve Been Bookstrucked

Written with lots of love – on a subject that brings just as much love back: books. A collection of reviews and synopsis, I’ve Been Bookstrucked features some favourite reads of 2016.

The Series


Along the way, she learned that some rides were meant to be taken more than once.

Here are the series of posts that have been done in Wendystrucked so far.

Life Snippets

An ongoing monthly account featuring highlights from each month, lessons learnt and stories worth sharing. Life Snippets, among other things, is a glimpse into life’s many antics.

Letters from Your Sisters

A series of post-A’level experiences and stories from four different people, Letters from Your Sisters are Wendystrucked’s first guest bloggers’ posts – in which the guest bloggers are some of the dearest and closest friends of mines. In order of posts, we have writers under the pseudonyms Revienne, Mini Mousse, Phoenix, and Hamlet.

December’s Seven Part Series

(Almost) a week of posts written towards the end of December 2016, this is a collection of different-styled posts – including a diary, a verse, a story, an unboxing and within its midst, a talk about books!

The Future


And through it all, she knew, much of what’s out there has yet been traveled to.

As for what’s in store for Wendystrucked, only Allah knows. All I know is that I am bursting at the seams with the urge to create more – and create better. All I know is that I want to make sure that this outlet is one that marks progress, true to its aim to venture towards creativity – be it in writing, in pictures, in life, in books, in crafts or in words, Wendystrucked will continue its journey through all the highs and lows, good and bad, and everything in between.

So. Are you in?


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