film obsessions, playground antics & autumn diaries | march snippets


March felt short. But unlike the many short months that came before, March did not fell short. It entailed catching up with university work, indulging in shows and soundtracks, and a lot of emotion.

Film Obsession

My love for Korean dramas was at its peak when I came back to Brisbane – and I think it might have had a little (or maybe a lot) to do with who I was watching my dramas with.

When my friend, Rabi and I started watching Introverted Boss, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But five days of binge-watching, sleep-deprived nights and an obsession that meant listening to the drama’s OST on repeat and talking about the drama all the time was definitely not what we expected.

But that’s what happened.

We were hooked. And here I am, almost a month after the last episode later, still feeling withdrawals from what has got to be my favourite drama yet. But the film obsession did not end with Introverted Boss.

Photo 25-3-17, 9 52 23 pm

photo credit to Aimi

Beauty and the Beast came out last March. And my love for Belle, and Beauty and the Beast, came to light. The film was magical – but that’s only to say the least.Read More »

leaky skies & eyes, with a handful of sunshine | february snippets


In the first half of February, it was all rain and gloom in Brunei. Rain-filled mornings and windy nights. When the weather went back to normal on the second half of the month, I was the one who became rain and gloom.

But while the skies cried a lot (and I joined in), there were still days and moments that stood out and were made better with maroon shawls, pink umbrellas and technicolor company.

Wednesdays with Wendy @ The Rosie Grammar

Second Wednesday of the month and I had a post up – talking about what beauty means to me, and dedicated to something that I hold close to my heart. But this post went up not here at home on Wendystrucked, but elsewhere – a blog I’ve been reading since it’s first days’ up and (obviously) one of my favourites – The Rosie Grammar.

Being given the opportunity to write as guest blogger on Zahra’s blog was an honour – and loads of fun especially as I got to play around with editing the photos in a way I’ve never done before. You can read the post here!Read More »

food, meetings & other things of pleasure | january snippets



When 2017 rolled in, the first day just felt like another day. It took me a few weeks to realize, but it soon hit me how January 2017 was a new chapter unfolding. Some things were put into action, others were halted. Some opportunities arrived and were taken, others were not. And while good things had come, other good things went by.

But through it all and against the odds, there is one thing that I know for sure – January was a month filled with a lot of pleasurable moments.



January saw a lot of restaurant-hopping for my family; we went for snacks, sweets, suppers – of the like. And though I am horrible at trying new things (most especially when it comes to food), I welcomed the adventure, if only to get a chance to see some new places and please some cravings.

And so new places were seen, and cravings were pleased. Food brought a lot of pleasure this month, indeed. Read More »

December Snippets


Careful days and wishful nights, faraway lands and short getaways, fun adventures and peaceful escapes.

December was everything, and nothing all at the same time.


There were days when I found myself being taken into a whirlwind. Days where the hours went by like a whisper of a breeze, before disappearing altogether. And then there were days where minutes went by so slow, my stares pierced through the clock, willing the hands to go faster.Read More »

November Snippets


I wasn’t going to write a November Snippets post – I was just going to skip November and then pretend that not having ‘November’ in the midst of other months I’ve done (and hopefully will continue to do In sha Allah) doesn’t bother me at all. But it felt like I was somehow keeping future me in the dark, to not document what life was like in November 2016. So here I am, writing this despite everything that screams in my face the reasons why I’ve decided to skip November in the first place.

November was the month of waiting – waiting for exams to come (for me to be done with them), for my second semester of my first year to finally come to an end (ANNNDDD it’s a wrap! One year down, three years – and infinite tears – to go!), and most especially waiting for home sweet home (which, hands down, was the highlight of the month although the days leading up to the flight back home were probably the most draining days of my life to date).Read More »

October Snippets


(spoiler: this will be a wordy and less photo-y post. you were warned!)

jacarandasphoto credit to Tiqah

According to my university’s ‘legends’, when the Jacarandas bloom, it means that exams are on their way (read: doom). And with exams fast approaching (as in next week for me!!), this also marks my final semester of my first year. Which also means: I’m nearing the end of my first year of university already?!


The Thing About Time

The first thing that comes to mind with that statement is how fast time is going. But the weird thing is that while I found myself wondering where the time has gone and having to remind myself I’m already in the month of October, I’ve also found myself chanting the words, “just one more month. hold on for just one more month till you can go home,” and marking each day off the calendar, wishing time could fast forward so that I could finally be on the plane ride back home.

So much past and future nonsense going on in my mind this October that it has me pacing back and forth, not being able to really focus on the present; on the Now. So while October has been leaning into more of the uneventful side, the spaces were filled instead with the mountain of assignments to be submitted (that weighed most of my grades this semester and got me questioning how that’s possible given that the semester has been filled with so much work already?) and the books that were read (I’ve been marathon-ing the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and I’m basically a hardcore fan at the moment, especially now that I’ve just finished the latest book in the series, Empire of Storms. SO MUCH FEELS. A blog post on all my recent – a.k.a since August – reads will be up sometime next month, probably!) and of course, breakdowns and so much swirling thoughts that I’m on the verge of word-vomitting all over this post!Read More »

September Snippets


September, the month of getting swamped with assignment deadlines, fighting the stress of university and of life in general, was a tough month. But with the promise of mid-semester break at the end of it (which, if you ask me, is a very long overdue break), some good days have come at last!

It’s Spring!

If you know me, you would know just how crazy I get when it comes to flowers. September in Brisbane is the start of Spring – the season of blooming beauties, a.k.a the season of my dreams! (/squeals).

This is my first time experiencing Spring and it warms my heart seeing all the pretty flowers when I’m out and about. And that they are almost always accompanied by the cutest species of birds as well – MashaAllah. Very blessed to get to experience them. HEHE. Alhamdulillah.

The 18th

Yaasin and Al-Fatihah for my late brother, whose birthday lies on the 18th of September. I miss you…

May Allah place you among those who will enter Paradise. Amiin, Amiin, Ya Rabbal Al Amiin.

Read More »